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Discover the Unparalleled Idol-Punk Fusion of Tsu Cool Japan

Music has a unique way of transcending borders, but every now and then, an event comes along that turns that transcendence into a thrilling adventure. On Aug. 20, the world is set to embark on a unique sonic journey through the heart of Japan’s vibrant music scene with an extraordinary fusion event called つCoolJapan (or Tsu Cool Japan, in English—we’ll use the English version going forward just to make it easier to read). Here’s why this event is making waves in the global music community.

Tsu Cool Japan is not just a run-of-the-mill showcase. This musical event brings together two of Japan’s most remarkable all-female bands for a collaboration that’s nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. Get ready to experience the irresistible charm of, a lively idol group hailing from Akihabara, as they share the stage with the raw energy of audacious punk rock band Otoboke Beaver.

What makes this event stand out from the regular line-up of online concerts? For starters, it’s brought to you by Zaiko, a digital streaming platform that’s been a pioneer in Japan’s music and entertainment industry. The event won’t just showcase a live performance; fans will also have access to live non-fungible token (NFT) drops, interactive fan chats and exclusive backstage access.

“We don’t even know what will happen when the pure chemical reaction of our collaboration hits the stage. We expect it to be beyond even our expectations… You can watch this event live on Zaiko Connect.” —Aonyan (Sorano Aozora),

The excitement isn’t just limited to the day of the event, however. In the lead up to this fusion concert, both bands will deliver an array of exclusive content: from exciting behind-the-scenes videos to intimate Q&As that offer insights into their lives. All this and more will be available on Zaiko Connect, the premium subscription service provided by It’s a unique blend of music and cutting-edge technology that not only entertains, but also lets fans feel part of something special.

Otoboke Beaver is a band that has fearlessly challenged stereotypes since its inception in 2009. This Japanese indie punk group is celebrated for its raw talent, intense energy and boundary-pushing performances. Their music offers a fresh perspective on Japanese femininity and has developed a diverse and extensive global following.

Photo: will play the event Tsu Cool Japan.

Alternatively, is idol group that has celebrated otaku (enthusiast, fan) culture since its formation in 2008. Known for their vibrant performances, each member represents a unique color, character and personality. Dressed in traditional Japanese maid café uniforms, they’ve become cultural ambassadors, showcasing Japan’s vivid pop culture to the world.

Both bands are brimming with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event.

“We expect that Zaiko Connect viewers are going to—through our songs and performances—really feel the appeal of Dempagumi! We hope they enjoy the event and other events we will be providing on Zaiko Connect!” says Aonyan (Sorano Aozora) from

Yoyoyoshie, the lead guitarist of Otoboke Beaver, says: “Zaiko Connect Premium fans will get closer to us than ever before… both Japanese and overseas fans will enjoy an intimate experience only available on this platform, especially for those who might not get to see us in person.”

Photo: つCoolJapanOtoboke Beaver (front) and (back) pose for a つCoolJapan (Tsu Cool Japan) festival promotion.

Echoing that sentiment, Kahokiss, the drummer of Otoboke Beaver, is looking forward to fans being able to experience “Japan’s coolest bands.” Their anticipation is tangible and paints a picture of an unforgettable night that devotees worldwide are eagerly awaiting.

Tsu Cool Japan is not just a night of extraordinary music. It’s an immersive experience—a window into Japan’s pop culture. With providing this unique platform, fans can explore the edgy beauty, creativity and innovation of Japan as a global pop culture hotspot.

If you’re intrigued by the diverse and captivating world of Japanese music—or just a fan of innovative musical experiences—Tsu Cool Japan is an event you simply don’t want to miss.

To enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access, live performances and a ticket to this unforgettable fusion event, be sure to sign up for Zaiko Connect today.

Visit the official つCoolJapan website.

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