The Dotonbori Konamon Museum is a perfect place to visit in Osaka with family. Konamon is what foods that are based on flour, like takoyaki and okonomiyaki, are called. It has been open since 2011 and very popular with tourists, to enjoy takoyaki, the soul food of Osaka, in a variety of fun ways.
A dojo where takoyaki is hand-cooked on copper plates, a warehouse where takoyaki sample models are made, and an exhibition panel that teaches the history of Dotonbori and konamon culture… and of course, takoyaki.
To Kansai locals, takoyaki is a specialty, yet I was surprised about all the many unexpected discoveries I made here when visiting with my kids.

Dotonbori Konamon Museum – Just Takoyaki?

Takoyaki is a very familiar food to the people of Kansai. Sometimes they are the main dish, other times they are served as snacks, with alcoholic drinks, as a party dish, as a snack for your guest… there is an amazing variety of ways in which takoyaki makes its appearance. Nonetheless, I have never studied the history and culture in detail, and I make them at home in my own way.
When some relatives came to visit from the Kanto area, they surprisingly said, "I heard about this on TV, you really do have a takoyaki machine at home, huh?"
Though I did feel proud of it, I was disappointed that I couldn't show off my knowledge about it. And so, I decided to take out my elementary-age twins (a boy and girl) and my niece, and go out for a little extracurricular study.

▲Before going inside, we just had to look up at those huge objects once again

Heading for the Huge Octopus Next to the Fugu Blowfish

When you head from Midosuj to Sakaisuji on Dotonbori, right in the middle, next to a huge fugu blowfish, is the Dotonbori Konamon Museum, marked by a huge octopus with gently swaying legs.
At the shop Takoya Dontonbori Kukuru, the staff employs a huge baking table that can cook up to 84 takoyaki at a time, which is quite a spectacular sight to see. The hot plate I use at my own home can only cook up to 24 max, so it was pretty impressive.
Welcomed by the delicious smell and the staff's enthusiasm, we excitedly go inside.

▲Even tourists point their cameras at the skilled hands of the staff

Learning Osaka's Takoyaki History

The inside of the building was built in traditional Kyoto house style, with a narrow front but much more depth in the back. The contents you can enjoy on each floor differed by theme: "learn," "make," and "eat."
First, we head to the second floor of the Konamon Historical Museum with the theme "learn." As you go through the exhibits, you will learn not just the roots of takoyaki, but also the vast history of konamon culture. (“Konamon” refers to food dishe…

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