While trips remain off in the future, you can easily reminisce about your Japan journeys with authentic Japanese dishes at home! Here we present a tried-and-tested oyakodon recipe, which sees chicken simmered in dashi topped with egg and rested upon a bowl of steaming white rice.
In addition to common ingredients like chicken and egg, we’ll be using a recipe offering substitutes for Japanese condiments like “mirin” to make it even easier.
This recipe was also supervised and prepared by Japanese cooking instructor Toshihiro Minami and comes with a cooking video attached, so all you have to do is watch as you cook to bring the tastes of Japan to life!

Oyakodon is a nourishing household dish beloved by all!

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Oyakodon is a kind of Japanese donburi dish made by simmering chicken in a dashi soup stock flavored with soy sauce, sugar, and mirin, before running an egg over it and placing it atop of rice.
The name “oyakodon” means “parent and child bowl” in Japanese, which refers to the literal parent and child of a chicken and egg.
Oyakodon originated around 1887 from a Tokyo chicken restaurant. It has since grown to become a staple household dish across the nation, being easy to make, highly filling, and perfect for busy professionals or the insatiable appetites of children.
Depending on the region of Japan, the oyakodon recipe is different, with residents of Kanto preferring egg doused over chicken and onion with a sweet and salty soy sauce base.
At the same time, those in Kansai use chicken, spring onion, and egg with a light dashi flavoring. For this recipe, we’ll be using Kanto ingredients with light Kansai flavors.

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Oyakodon Ingredients (Serves Two)

・200g chicken thigh
・½ onion
・2 eggs
・400g rice (cook in advance)
・150ml bonito soup stock (dashi)
・2 tbsp soy sauce
・1 tbsp sake rice wine (white wine works too!)
・½ tbsp sugar
・1 tbsp mirin
・A sprinkling of Japanese mitsuba leaf (optional)
*To make bonito soup stock, check out our Dashimaki Tamago Recipe at the link below.

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If you don’t have mirin, mix ⅓ tbsp sugar with 1 tbsp white wine for a substitute.

How to Make Oyakodon

1. Slice the onion thinly.

Cut the chicken into large bite-sized pieces while cutting away the excess fat.

2. In a frying pan on medium heat, add and mix the bonito soup stock, soy sauce, sake rice wine, sugar, and mirin (or substitute).

While the sauce is heating up, break the eggs into a bowl and aggressively beat until there is no remaining white.

3. Once the broth is simmering, add the chicken and onion and allow it to cook for up to 4 minutes on medium heat while occas…

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