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Enjoy a Luxurious Time! 3 Unique Hotels & Resorts Near Tokyo Perfect For a Slow Travel Getaway

When traveling, most people select an inn based on their travel destination. However, like the growing trend of 'slow travel,' which reduces crowding while extending one's time of travel, many are making the facilities themselves the purpose of their trip!
Today we introduce several great inns that offer more than a place to sleep, including a "sushi shop you can stay at," which serves Edomae sushi, courtesy of an experienced sushi chef, and an all-inclusive inn with activities, drinks, and evening meals available at no extra charge!
If you're planning a vacation this year, you may want to make these fabulous inns the main destination of your trip!

Toriizaki Club HOTEL & SEAFOODS: Opened in March 2022 – a fun 'Sushi Hotel'!

Toriizaki Club HOTEL & SEAFOODS is a hot spring facility recently opened in March 2022 and located in the Toriizaki Seaside Park Area in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture. What's interesting about this place is its concept: "a sushi restaurant you can stay at!"

While it is indeed an inn, you can also indulge in Edomae sushi, courtesy of a sushi chef with over 30 years of experience! All ingredients are freshly purchased from Kisarazu Fish Market on the same morning. They also serve local sake and wine that pairs well with the food.

Visitors can also dine at the seafood restaurant, SEAFOOD PARK 27, which serves fresh fried scallops, mackerel, and kelp, as well as at Hachiro-jaya, a shop known for its original hojicha and honey pudding.

And it's not just the food that stands out. Each of the six guest rooms is also superb! All suites overlook Tokyo Bay, with a view of Mt. Fuji across the sea on clear days.
All guest rooms include full-scale hot springs. The water is called 'chocolate water,' rich in sulfur components, which offer attractive skin-smoothing benefits in every soak.
Easily accessible, the hotel is located only five minutes by car from JR Kisarazu Station. This unique inn, designed in the image of a sushi shop accommodation, is the perfect place to stay for delicious Edomae sushi, relaxing hot springs, and unbelievable views!

Fujimi 3-5-11, Kisarazu, Chiba

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Mikazuki Sea Park Hotel Katsuura: An ocean view in every room! Gorgeous spa and open kitchen included

Mikazuki Sea Park Hotel Katsuura opened in March 2022 in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture. The attraction of this place is its location. Situated right along the seaside, the blue sea stretches before you as far as the eye can see.

There is also a hot spring and spa facility, Aqua Palace, located in the annex, and available to guests at no extra charge.
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