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Enjoy Bungy Jumping in Autumn: Dive into a Breathtaking Landscape Only Available in the Fall!

Going to see fall foliage is a part of Japanese tradition. During this time of the year, beautiful natural landscapes stand out like a painting. Although fall foliage is beautiful on its own, there are also some unique ways to enjoy them!

A prime example of this is the experience offered at Ryujin Bungy. This bungy jumping facility is located in Ibaraki Prefecture’s Ryujinkyo Gorge – one of Japan’s best fall foliage spots. In addition to the gorge, we will introduce the alluring experience of jumping into a scenery of fiery fall leaves.

Top Photo Provided By: Bungy Japan

Japan’s Fall Foliage is Amazing!

Photo Provided By: PIXTA

Most fall leaves in Japan come from deciduous trees. As days get shorter in the fall and the temperature decreases, the leaves slowly change their color. We recognize this change as fall foliage and is a sign that the trees will soon lose their leaves.

Starting from the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, leaves in Japan start to change in color from around September. This transformation first begins in the Daisetsuzan Volcanic Group.

Little by little, fall leaves also start to pop up south of Hokkaido and eventually make their way throughout Japan. Fall leaves are quick to change their color in colder climates, so the first regions to welcome fall foliage usually are areas with a high altitude.

In the Kanto region and areas surrounding Tokyo, there are even some regions where you can enjoy the leaves from November to early December!

In Japanese, there is a word to describe the act of going to see fall leaves called momiji-gari. This roughly translates to leaf peeping in English.

The word momiji-gari is said to have originated from Japanese nobles who didn’t hunt in the Heian Period (8th century to 12th century). These nobles would call the act of gazing out at nature kari (gari) or hunting. The custom of enjoying fall leaves has existed in Japan ever since.

Enjoy Fall Colors While Bungy Jumping in Japan!

Photo Provided By: Bungy Japan

The allure of bungy jumping in Japan during the fall is that you can enjoy feeling exhilarated as you jump into a colorful landscape. Additionally, the view you get during the jump is one of a kind!

Since the spread of Covid-19, it has been difficult to talk in a loud voice or get together with large groups of people.

For those looking for a release, bungy jumping is a highly recommended activity! Because you’re alone when you jump, it’s an opportunity to let loose and let go of some stress by shouting to your heart’s content.

Also, this alluring activity enables you to have a natural panoram…

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