As one of Hokkaido’s top tourist destinations, the city of Sapporo is well-equipped with excellent public transportation, fresh gleanings from the sea, delicious local beef, fragrant dairy products, mesmerizing night sights, and the list goes on and on.

We’ve invited Ching Yu, long-time Sapporo resident and author of the travel guide “Stylish Hokkaido Traveling,” to get us up to speed with the best way to plan for a self-guided tour around Sapporo with a sample itinerary as well as secret scenic spots she recommends.

Here’s an excellent chance to try something different by looking at how the locals enjoy their city!

Cover courtesy of Ching Yu’s Facebook fan group, “A Taiwanese Woman’s Hokkaido Life”

Action-Packed Sapporo Itinerary for Ladies As Planned By an Experienced Local



The interviewed Ching Yu, who has lived in Sapporo for over ten years, has a Facebook fan page called “A Taiwanese Woman’s Hokkaido Life” with over 170,000 followers. She has even published a personal travel book titled “Stylish Hokkaido Traveling,” which focuses on that part of the nation.

With her deep knowledge of Sapporo, what are the must-visit travel destinations for female travelers? Let’s take a look at Ching Yu’s list of recommendations!

1. Days taken: 3 to 4

What are the advantages Sapporo has over other cities of Hokkaido? First of all, it’s the main tourist destination of the prefecture. This means you’ll be able to hit plenty of attractions without even leaving the city.

Also, Sapporo is located relatively near other popular places of interest like Otaru and Niseko – both easily accessible as a day or overnight trip. Ching Yu has lived in Sapporo for more than ten years, and her experience moves her to recommend spending at least three days touring Sapporo and Otaru.

This is more than enough time to visit the must-see hotspots of the two areas and enjoy a bit of shopping, night sights, and gourmet delicacies with plenty of time to spare for your other preferences.

2. Accommodations: Pay attention to indoor facilities and room type



Many travelers go for the more economical rooms in business hotels to save a little money for other parts of their trip, but we’d like to offer a different perspective.

Since you’ve already taken great pains to arrange your affairs to come all the way here, splurge a little bit on a place with better indoor facilities to enjoy the complete Japanese package on a single trip!

Ching Yu gives a simple but effective suggestion: Look for a hotel with a sauna room and hot spring baths – any hotel worth its salt usua…

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