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Epic Fusion: FINAL FANTASY X Goes Kabuki!

A groundbreaking fusion of two classic Japanese cultural symbols is about to dazzle fans across the globe! The much-acclaimed New Kabuki FINAL FANTASY X is now going streaming internationally – in an awe-inspiring celebration of the legendary game’s 22nd anniversary.

A Grand Stage for a Grand Adventure

Back in the spring of 2023, Stage Around Tokyo, one of only two theaters in the world with a 360-degree audience rotation, was electrified by a unique theatrical experience: New Kabuki FINAL FANTASY X.

This spectacular performance blended the rich, time-honored tradition of Kabuki with the epic narrative and vibrant world of FINAL FANTASY X, a renowned video game with a global fanbase.

A Worldwide Encore, Thanks to TBS

Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc. (TBS) is turning up the heat this summer by offering FINAL FANTASY and Kabuki enthusiasts a second chance to experience the incredible performance.

Starting July 19, coinciding with the game’s original release anniversary, fans in 19 countries and regions can enjoy streaming New Kabuki FINAL FANTASY X until the end of October.

Kabuki and Gaming Titans Take Center Stage

The unforgettable pe…

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