While the advent of modern coffee chains in neighborhoods like Kyoto and Kawagoe may have once signaled traditional Japanese culture’s downfall, Starbucks has ingeniously integrated new stores into their surroundings to preserve cultural heritage and inject life into regional economies.

Here we’ll take a look at three Japanese Starbucks who have successfully merged traditional style with 21st-century coffee!

A Traditional-Style Starbucks in a Rustic Tokyo Town

Kawagoe, affectionately called ‘Little Edo,’ is a beautiful neighborhood not far outside Tokyo. A vital merchant hub during the Meiji era, the charming townscape provides an authentic glimpse into Japan’s feudal past.

Ancient storage warehouses, Showa era stores, traditional buddhist temples, Starbucks…wait, what? Many tourists do a double take as they realize one of Kawagoe’s old buildings is a Starbucks. With lines of locals young and old looking to sip on their favorite brew while strolling, the Japanese love it! You won’t find a Starbucks like this anywhere else in the world, that’s for sure!

Japan Has An Incredible Traditional-Style Starbucks in This Rustic Town

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