Hozenji Yokocho is a popular tourist attraction in Osaka's Namba neighborhood. However, despite being so close to Dotonbori, another sightseeing hotspot, it has quite a different atmosphere. With its red lanterns, cobblestone paths, and the famous Hozenji temple and Mizukake Fudo-son statue, you will get to see a more traditional side of Japan.
There are many things to do around the city, including joining the lunch and dinner crowd for some Osaka gourmet. Today, we will introduce some of the best ways to enjoy your trip, from strolling the Hozenji Yokocho area, to visiting the temple, to indulging in some local delicacies!

What kind of place is Hozenji Yokocho?

Hozenji Yokocho was originally a precinct of Hozenji, a temple of the Jodo Sect of Tenryuzan, where many worshipers came and went. Eventually, stalls were developed along the side streets for worshipers. Unfortunately, they were once lost in the Pacific War raids, but were rebuilt after the war and has since become a prime location.
At present, there are two alleys extending from east to west, at about 80m long and 3m wide. There are many well-established Japanese restaurants, bars, okonomiyaki and kushikatsu shops, and sweets shops that are perfect for a short break. It is a tourist hotspot where many visitors flock to enjoy the unique tastes of Osaka.

The Cobblestone Streets of Yokocho

One of the charms of Hozenji Yokocho is that, unlike the urban Namba atmosphere, you can enjoy a more traditional street view of Japan, with cobblestone paths and renovated old Japanese houses. It is as if you have taken a step back in time.
The area is about a 5-minute walk from Namba Station on each of the Osaka Metro Midosuji and Sennichimae Line, as well as the Kintetsu and Nankai Lines. It is also 5 minutes southeast from Dotonbori and Ebisu-bashi Bridge, famous for the giant Glico Sign, making it a great place to stop during a sightseeing trip around Dotonbori.

Visiting Hozenji

Hozenji was originally a temple built in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture in the late 1620s and early 1630s, and was relocated to its current location in 1637. Hozenji Temple is now located at the center of Hozenji Yokocho, with its entrance marked by the wooden gates labeled "Hozenji."

When you enter Hozenji Temple, pay your respects to Mizukake Fudo-son, the Buddhist Fudo Myo-o statue covered in rich, bright green moss. This statue is said to have grown mossy from the water sprinkled on it by people making wishes. This custom is said to have began when a woman visited Hozenji and poured water over the statue …

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