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Exquisite Evolution! 4 Latest Japanese Skincare Products with Unique Ingredients

Japan is renowned as a powerhouse of manufacturing, and its influence extends to the world of cosmetics. Their superior craftsmanship and sensibility are vividly expressed in everything from originally developed ingredients to functionality and packaging. Through exhaustive research and strong commitment to natural beauty, Japanese skincare cosmetics have become a symbol of quality. But which ingredients truly stand out?

Our correspondent for this piece is a knowledgeable beauty journalist with a deep understanding of Japanese beauty and healthcare products. And today, she has curated a selection of four skin and body care cosmetics featuring unique ingredients sourced from Japan expected to garner considerable attention in 2023.

Four Skin and Body Care Cosmetics with Uniquely Japanese Ingredients

1. Eudermine: Shiseido’s Iconic Skincare Lotion Evolves to New Heights!

On March 1, 2023, Shiseido, the leading brand in Japanese cosmetics, operating in 88 countries and regions worldwide, will unveil an enhanced version of their legendary skincare product Eudermine, first introduced by the company in 1897. The new product is called Eudermine Activating Essence (retail price: 9,680 yen, including tax).

First introduced by Shiseido in 1897, Eudermine quickly gained fame as the brand’s “Red Water,” thanks to an innovative blend of Western pharmaceutical technology. The formula underwent a series of refinements until 1997, 100 years after its initial launch, marking the launch of its current formulation, Eudermine Global.

In 2023, it has reincarnated once again as Eudermine Essence Lotion, featuring cutting-edge advancements in skincare technology and sustainability, sure to become a huge hit in the Japanese beauty industry.

The Eudermine Essence Lotion is enriched with original Shiseido moisturizing ingredients, including the powerful combination of Fermented Kefir Extract and Yuzu Extract GL, as well as 4MSK, Shiseido’s signature component also found in the brands leading whitening cosmetics such as HAKU. Coupled with the latest in breakthrough technology, this product is sure to deliver mind-blowing results!

As we age, the health of our capillaries, responsible for delivering vital nutrients to the skin, deteriorates. This leads to a weakened nourishment process and even a widening gap between the capillaries and the epidermis.

This technology has the potential to boost the adhesive strength of these capillaries, ensuring efficient delivery of nutrients to the skin’s epidermal stem cells. A breakthrough achievement testament to Shiseido’s unwavering commitment to skincare…

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