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Feast on ‘Kansaidaki’ Oden at This Legendary Osakan Restaurant – as Seen in Manga!

Osaka is Japan’s premier gourmet capital – with hundreds of renowned restaurants offering unique takes on local cuisine. But with so much variety, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.
In times like these, we suggest following the recommendations in the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2022, which lists a multitude of “Bib Gourmand” restaurants selected for their reasonable prices and quality meals.
One of these is Kansaidaki Honke Joyato, an acclaimed oden joint near Nakatsu Station, the next stop after Umeda on the Osaka Metro. With two appearances in the legendary manga Oishinbo, you know it’s worth checking out!

Oden like you’ve never seen before

Find the restaurant by looking for the 'noren' curtain.

Kansaidaki Honke Joyato is a 5-minute walk from Nakatsu Station on the Osaka Metro. It can also be reached after a 15-minute walk from the Chayamachiguchi Exit of Osaka-Umeda Station on the Hankyu Railway. It sits on a quiet street a short distance from Osaka’s Midosuji Avenue, and can be found by looking for the blue curtain that hangs at the entrance.
It serves “kansaidaki,” which is a kind of “oden” – a famous Japanese meal of ingredients stewed in a light broth.

The interior. The counter seats are currently not in use.

Inside Kansaidaki Honke Joyato are three tables seating four people, with additional counter seating that is currently not being used. As the restaurant is small-scale, tables must be booked by phone in Japanese, so don’t just turn up without calling.
Health and safety measures are firmly in place, such as plastic dividers between tables and the counter to prevent droplets. Once you’ve made your reservation, enter the restaurant, spray your hands with disinfectant alcohol, and the staff will guide you to your seat.

The restaurant manager Keiji Matsuo.

Keiji Matsuo, the friendly manager, runs the restaurant by himself. The restaurant is actually the 1st floor of owner Shin Ikenaga's home. Shin is 90 years old but still makes an effort to visit and chat with customers and taste-check the oden.

The words of Hisaya Morishige adorn the walls.

Kansaidaki Honke Joyato has its roots in a restaurant founded by the owner’s father on the grounds of Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine, which was burned into rubble during WWII.
This restaurant was also named “Kansaidaki,” a name coined by Japanese actor and singer Hisaya Morishige, who was a regular while staying with a friend after losing his home in the war.
The “Joyato” part of the name is a kind of stone lantern installed at shrines and temples in Japan. It was named as such due to the original restaurant being built on the grounds of a shrine, with one of these lanterns inside.

The Kansaidaki Set – A taste of everything!

The oden served on the day.

Oden is a kind of “nimono,” a simmered dish sai…

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