This five-day Hokkaido itinerary guide takes you around all the major places you'd want on any trip to Japan's wild north.
We start off our Hokkaido tour by traveling to the island's number one city, Sapporo. Then we will make our way to the outlying areas like Noboribetsu Onsen and Lake Toya, before finally heading further out to the flower-filled Furano area and on to Biei, home to Hokkaido's famous Blue Pond.
In this Hokkaido itinerary, we'll also share tips on what to eat and side trips so you can enjoy your trip to Japan's gorgeous wild north to the fullest!

1.Hokkaido Itinerary Day 1: Where to go and what to eat in Sapporo!

■Day 1: Morning
New Chitose Airport → Sapporo City (car: approximately 50km, train: 37 minutes, bus: around 1 hour 20 minutes)
Advice: Once you arrive at New Chitose Airport, head to JR Sapporo Station, the center of Sapporo. A convenient way to getting to JR Sapporo Station is by taking the Rapid Airport train from the airport.
During the day, there is a train every 15 minutes, and it is the fastest way to get to Sapporo. If you have time to spare, you could take the airport shuttle bus. There are many bus stops in nearby cities such as Susukino and Odori Park.

■Day 1: Hokkaido-style lunch is a must!
Sapporo Miso Ramen / Soup Curry / Kaisendon

Advice: The three major iconic dishes in Hokkaido are Sapporo miso ramen, soup curry, and kaisendon (rice bowls topped with delicious fresh fish). There are ramen shops all over the city. However, if you plan to stop by while you are sightseeing, we recommend the Odori Park to Tanukikoji area.
There are soup curry specialty shops that have long lines to little known spots throughout the city. If you want to eat kaisendon, we recommend heading to the Sapporo Jyogai Market (Jyogai Ichiba). This is a seven-minute walk from the Tozai subway line Nijuyon-ken Station or going to Nijo Market (Nijo Ichiba), which is located within walking distance of Odori Park.
Many kaisendon specialty shops close in the afternoon. If you plan on having a bite, make sure to stop by between breakfast and lunch hour.

■Day 1: Evening
Route example:
Odori Park → → Sapporo Clock Tower → Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

Advice: For the first day of Sapporo sightseeing, we recommend walking through Odori Park, which spans through the city from east to west, then heading to the three major sightseeing spots in Sapporo.
You can walk to each spot, and it will take about 4 hours at a leisurely pace. You can get a pan…

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