Furano Ski Resort is one of Hokkaido’s premier snow resorts. Thanks to the cold, dry winter air, this area sees exceptional powder that skiers and snowboarders can’t seem to get enough of!

From lift tickets and rentals to some of the popular activities, we’ll share how you can enjoy yourself at Furano Ski Resort to the max!

What Is the Furano Ski Resort?

Furano Ski Resort opened in 1962 and is visited by 200,000 people (November 2019 to March 2020) every year. When the Alpine World Cup Furano Tournament was held in 1977, it became known worldwide.

The name was changed from Kitanomine Ski Area to Furano Ski Area to better showcase the Furano region as a ski destination. By 1995, the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup was held here ten times, and various events and events such as the FIS Snowboard World Cup and the All Japan Championships were hosted.

Furano Ski Resort Is Loved By Both Japanese and International Skiers!

Furano Ski Resort is located inland area near the center of Hokkaido. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Daisetsuzan mountain range. The snow conditions are stable, and it has been highly appraised overseas for having quality powder snow.

The Best Season to Visit Furano Ski Resort

The best season is from mid-December to late February. During this time, Furano is particularly cold, and it is not uncommon to see temperatures at and below freezing during the day and -10°C during the morning and evening. You will need to prepare for these temperatures.

Getting to the Furano Ski Area

By Train
From Sapporo Station, take the train bound for Takikawa on the JR Hakodate Main Line. Get off at Takikawa Station and transfer to the JR Nemuro Main Line bound for Furano. When you get off at Furano Station, we recommend taking a taxi (10 minutes).

By Bus
From Asahikawa Airport, take the Furano Bus Lavender. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

By Car
Take the Hokkaido Expressway from Sapporo IC, get off at Takikawa IC, and then take Route 38. You will arrive in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Alternatively, take the Hokkaido Expressway from Sapporo IC, get off at Mikasa IC, and proceed via the Bibai-Furano Line. This route takes about 2 hours.

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Furano Ski Resort Course Overview

There is a ski slope map in English (Image above is from the 2019-2020 season)

The total area of the slopes is 194 hectares! It consists of two areas: Furano Zone and Kitanomine Zone. There are 28 courses in total, with the longest run at 4,000 meters.

Furano Zone
The Furano Zone has the Furano Ropeway, which can hold up to 101 people, and you can climb to the summit all at once. Enjoy the spectacular panoramic view along the way. In the future, it will be operated with a limited number of people and ventilation to prevent the s…

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