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Get One Step Closer to Your Fitness Goals with AC Fit Kojimachi Studio

Conveniently located near Kojimachi station, AC Fit’s Kojimachi Studio invites individuals of all fitness levels to embark on a health journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With its unique hot lava studio, an array of experienced instructors and diverse class offerings, ACFit is dedicated to helping its users achieve their fitness goals.

Hot Lava Fitness (prices)
Martial Arts Fitness (prices)
What to Expect
Special Campaign for Readers

Hot Lava Fitness

Photo: AC FitSweat the stress away.

One of the standout features of AC Fit’s Kojimachi Studio is its innovative hot lava studio, a cutting-edge fitness concept that creates a high-temperature, high-humidity environment through natural lava stone plates, harnessing the benefits of far-infrared rays and negative ions. The controlled heat in this immersive space enhances flexibility, blood circulation and detoxification.

The hot lava studio offers various classes, including yoga, pilates, ballet balance, boxing and step classes. This extensive selection allows customers to explore and find their preferred style of enjoyment while prioritizing their overall well-being. What sets the studio apart is that each instructor brings their unique style and expertise to their classes, ensuring a varied experience tailored to suit individual abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, there’s a class suitable for every fitness level.


Enrollment fee (first time only): ¥11,000
A membership enrollment fee is required to purchase a monthly subscription.
Free tours are available if you wish to check the gym out prior to signing up.
Monthly fee: ¥13,200 (four sessions a month), ¥15,000 (eight sessions a month) or ¥24,800 (unlimited sessions a month)
Additional sessions can be added to a monthly subscription for ¥2,750 each, and online video classes can be added for ¥1,100 each.
Visitor fee: ¥4,400 per session (enrollment fee not required).

Martial Arts

Photo: AC FitMartial arts are an excellent way to stay fit and build confidence.

AC Fit’s diverse class offerings, cater to a wide range of fitness interests outside the heat too. Operated by Reversal Tokyo Standout, you can find a professionally led fitness class or personal trainer that suits you. If you’re seeking a high-energy workout that engages your entire body, kickboxing classes are a perfect choice. For those interested in honing their skills in various disciplines, the mixed martial arts classes provide a comprehensive training experience that encompasses striking, grappling and submission techniques.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Reversal Tokyo Standout offers specialized classes in this highly effective martial art. Led by experienced instructors, these sessions focus on ground fighting, leverage and joint locks, providing a unique opportunity for self-defense and physical development.

Reversal Tokyo Standout also caters to families with young children with their engaging kids’ classes. These specially designed youth sessions promote physical fitness, discipline and self-confidence in a safe and supportive environment.


General Membership (unlimited classes)

Admission fee (first time only): ¥11,000
Monthly fee: ¥13,200

Kids Membership (unlimited kids classes)

Admission fee (first time only): ¥11,000
Monthly fee: ¥11,000

Personal Training Membership

Admission fee (first time only): Free!
Monthly fee: ¥5,500
First Trial Ticket: ¥8,800 per 50 minutes (40 minutes of exercise + 10 minutes of explanation, etc.)

Pay-as-you-go tickets after enrollment are ¥13,200 per 50 minutes each.


Photo: AC FitStylish amenities with everything you need for a day getting fit.

AC Fit understands the importance of convenience and hygiene in your fitness journey. Whether it’s before you start the work day or on the way home, enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish with shower rooms equipped with complimentary towels, hair dryers and lockers to store your things. Gym wear can be rented for an additional charge and drinks can be purchased at the vending machine for those with no extra space in their bag.

What To Expect

My first impression of the studio was that it was bright, inviting and clean. I was greeted the minute I walked in and was quickly assisted with my trial lesson enrolment. One of the friendly staff members discussed my fitness goals with me and recommended the beginner hot yoga class. There were so many classes to choose from so I was glad they were able to guide me in choosing something that worked best for me.

The locker rooms, separated by gender, were easily accessible and very clean. They had easy-to-use large lockers for all your things, individual shower cubicles with shampoo, conditioner and body soap, and a long shared vanity with a variety of free-for-use amenities like hair dryers and cotton earbuds.

Stepping into the hot lava room for the first time, I immediately felt the heat in the room relaxing my muscles. It was so nice to just lie down on the hot stone floor before the lesson started. You could feel the warmth radiating from the floor pulsing deep into your body and it really felt like it was stripping away any aches and pain from the work day prior.

My instructor for the lesson, Shoco, began the class and guided us through the process. She taught me how to breathe through poses and how to better position myself to get the ultimate stretch. Although the class was conducted in Japanese, the movements were easy to follow as I was mainly just copying what Shoco was doing.

The room’s temperature was around 36° Celsius with 65% humidity, so I was sweating a lot—definitely the most I’ve ever sweated in one yoga lesson. Each stretch and movement felt so much deeper, and I’m naturally not very flexible so the warmth helped me reach positions I couldn’t usually. Shoco ensured we had several breaks during the session to rest and get fresh air outside the room if we needed it. It really felt like it was stripping away any aches and pain.

As I went home I noticed my body feeling so light and warm. My body could have skipped and twirled home if I wanted to but I also felt so calm and relaxed that I was happy to just stroll and enjoy the refreshing walk home. The calmness lasted into the next day when I could still feel my body move with more flexibility. Although I had some slight muscle soreness in locations of my body I had never felt before, it was a satisfying feeling knowing that those areas of my body had been used during the lesson as it was my goal to stretch and move areas of my body I don’t usually in my day to day.

I had a great overall experience with Shoco and the studio as a whole, and I can truly say I’ve never felt this relaxed at a fitness gym before. AC Fit also has no restrictions for those with tattoos so I was happy to hear anyone with ink is welcome to join in!


Photo: AC FitFeel great and have fun doing it!

You can find the details below on their official website, however, it is currently in Japanese only. English is available using a web translator extension.

AC Fit Kojimachi Studio

Open: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (weekdays), 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (weekends and holidays)
Address: Kojimachi Shimura Building 3F, 4-1-5 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6272-8715

Special Campaign for Readers

AC Fit Kojimachi Studio for the next two months will be offering GaijinPot readers a special free trial lesson if you mention this GaijinPot article during your booking. Additionally, those who enroll on the same day will receive free yoga socks as a gift and get their enrolment fee waived. The enrolment procedure (filling out the application form, downloading the lesson reservation app, registering a credit card, etc.) can be done at the studio reception.

This special campaign is valid until Sep. 30, 2023, so make sure to book a trial lesson before this date to receive the offer.

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