The Go To Travel Campaign, launched on July 22, 2020, was promptly suspended only months later, on December 28. However, with the lifting of the quasi-state of emergency on March 21, 2022, there are hopes that the campaign will soon return.
However, we still have yet to hear an official government announcement as of July 2022.
As far as a Go To Travel revival goes, however, rather than put it into action all at once, the travel campaign will be seeing a more gradual start, beginning with the resumption of the Prefectural Residents' Discount program in March and the launch of a new travel subsidy, the Regional Block Discount. Many people have taken advantage of these during the long holiday in May, Golden Week.
So, what exactly is the Go To Travel campaign? And when will it resume? What changes will take place? Also, what are the Prefectural Residents' Discount and Regional Block Discount programs all about?
You've probably asked these questions yourself. In this article, we'll attempt to answer them!
*Go To Travel renewal date still to be determined as of July 15, 2022.
*Article based on information available as of July 15, 2022.
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What is the Go To Travel Campaign?

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Go To Travel is a subsidy program initiated by the Japanese government to restore travel and promote tourism throughout Japan's various regions.
The campaign's first phase began on July 22, 2020, and lasted until September 1, 2020. The second phase launched on October 1 of the same year, and caused quite a stir with the addition of Tokyo as an eligible region, after being excluded from phase one.
The campaign, however, was promptly suspended by the end of the year in response to the fifth wave of Covid-19.
Although an announcement on November 19, 2021, hinted at changes being made in preparation for the campaign's resumption, as of July 2022, there is still yet to be an official announcement of its start date.
However, several steps have been implemented toward its revival. The Prefectural Residents' Discount, a regional travel subsidy implemented throughout each individual prefecture, was renewed in March of 2022.
A new Block Discount has also been established, expanding the Prefectural Residents' Discount to regional blocks such as Tohoku, Kanto, and Kinki.
The goal of these programs is to gradually take a 'soft landing approach' to curb infection rates. The movement is summarized below.
Step-By-Step Plan Toward

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