Miyagi Prefecture is home to one of the world’s top three fishing spots – the Kinkasan-Sanriku fishing grounds. Not far away is the capital city of Sendai, and as you might imagine, the incredibly fresh and beautiful seafood is a must-try when visiting the area!
A recommended seafood shop near Sendai Station is Osakana Center Ichinoichi. It’s usually packed with visitors as it offers top-quality seafood at unbelievably reasonable prices! And of course, many visitors can't help but share it with their socials. Here we will introduce their popular seafood bowl that overflows with toppings.

Osakana Center Ichinoichi: Enjoy a variety-filled seafood bowl right by Sendai Station

Once you exit Sendai Station’s West Exit on the second floor, make your way towards Hotel Metropolitan Sendai on your left. From here, walk down the stairs of the pedestrian deck.

After leaving Sendai Station’s West Exit and taking a left at Hotel Metropolitan Sendai, Osakana Center Ichinoichi can be found a mere 140-meter (5-minute) walk straight ahead!
Inside the market, you can find a shop called Aoya which offers a variety of farm products, ready-made dishes, and bento boxes.
Additionally, at the restaurant inside, you can enjoy some drinks with fresh seafood dishes such as sushi and seafood bowls as well as hamayaki – lightly seasoned and broiled seafood!

The shop located on the first floor of Aoya.

Since it offers outstandingly fresh seafood at reasonable prices, you’ll find a range of customers, from business people to tourists, on any day of the week!
Another feature that adds to the shop’s popularity is its easy-going atmosphere reminiscent of an izakaya (casual Japanese pub).

A large lantern greets you.

Once inside, you’re greeted by a large lantern with the Japanese kanji character for ‘fish (sakana)’ painted on it! Also decorating the shop is a fishermen’s banner generally used by fishing boats to let ports know of their great catch.
On the shelves, you’ll find daruma (red-painted good luck dolls) and Japanese woodblock prints, all lending to a unique, ‘only in Japan’ atmosphere! With so much to offer, there’s no doubt you’ll want to snap some photos.

On the shop’s walls, there are wooden tags with the names of sushi toppings listed.

Both the first and second floor offer table seating.

The shop has two floors and a total of 70 seats. Besides the counter stools, where you can comfortably dine alone, the shop offers table seating. Each table has a menu; orders can be made by calling staff over. Although there isn’t an English menu, English-speaking staff can assist you any time!

The menu is extensive-with options such as nigiri (salty vinegared-rice topped with seafood), seafood bowls, Japanese fried chicken, and hiyayako-(chilled tofu with various toppings).

Toppings in this visually stunning seafood bowl spill over!

Sushi Shop’s Seafood Bowl (1,320 yen, limited numbers of bowls with small side dishes are available during lunch for 950 yen)

We ordered the shop’s specialty called the Sushi Shop’s Seafood Bowl.
When served, we couldn’t hide our surprise as the toppings were practically spilling over! Though said to change depending on the season, this dish offers ten delicious fresh ingredients.
On the day of our visit, we had a bowl filled with tuna, sea bream, salmon, octopus, yel…

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