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Grab a Snack and Experience Everyday Life in Japan! Top 10 Most Popular Snacks At Okashi-no-Machioka

There are heaps of Japanese snacks to try when you visit Japan. From the seasonal candies to delicious chocolate treats to Japan-only snacks, there is something for everyone. This is the reason why many tourists choose to buy Japanese snacks as souvenirs to bring back home. Rather than magnets or keychains that others might not end up using, edible souvenirs are unique, delicious and also affordable.
We asked Erika, a staff at Okashi-no-Machioka, one of Japan’s popular candy and snack shops, to show us 10 snacks in their Shinjuku store that are popular with foreign visitors. Let’s take a look!

1. Green Tea Kit Kat (Nestle)

It is no longer a secret that Japan has the most variety of Kit Kat flavors in the world!. Therefore it didn’t come as a surprise when Erika led us to the Kit Kat section. One of the most popular Kit Kat flavors for foreign travelers is the green tea flavored Kit Kat.
Because the matcha flavor is so popular, there are actually variations of the green tea Kit Kat that is not just limited to the packaging. We asked Erika to explain the difference. “You can find the regular green tea flavor as well as the more bitter green tea that are catered to adults. And, there is even one variety with polyphenol (micronutrients packed with antioxidants) and lutein (carotenoid vitamin good for your eyes) for health benefits.”

2. Assorted Flavors Kit Kat (Nestle)

Apart from green tea flavors, Erika went on saying that, in general, Kit Kat is a very popular snack for foreign travelers.

They come up with new flavors once in a while, such as this Strawberry Tiramisu that was introduced at the end of 2018 to mark the 45th anniversary of KitKat’s debut in Japan. This flavor was the top pick in votes cast in a worldwide competition.

One thing to note is that you can find many regional and unique Kit Kat flavors in souvenir stores and in airports. So the next time you’re in Japan, make sure to try them all!

3. Green Tea Mochi Chocolate (Tirol Choco)

Mochi is a traditional Japanese glutinous rice cake that is loved for its chewy texture. So what if you combine green tea chocolate with the soft and chewy mochi in one bite-sized chocolate candy? The taste is surprisingly like eating a regular green tea mochi and is definitely worth the try. The very-Japanese flavor and texture is the reason why this snack by Tirol Choco confectionary company is a popular choice for foreign visitors.

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4. Kororo Premium Gummy (UHA)

Kororo is a new sensation gummy that is wrapped with a thin gelatinous outer layer to give a similar texture to eating real fruits. The inside is ultra soft fruity gummy, some made with 100% f…

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