Hakodate has become one of Hokkaido's top tourist spots. You'll want to take two days to really soak it all in! Historical buildings, colorful reminders of old foreign influence, line the streets evoking a retro feeling as you stroll along with them.
There is much to see and do, so we made the perfect Hakodate 2-Day Itinerary. Take in the night view from the top of Mt. Hakodate; sample gourmet cuisines, such as fresh squid dishes and shio ramen (ramen with a salty broth); visit the red brick warehouse district; and shop in the Hakodate morning market.
In this Hakodate 2-Day Itinerary, we also include a side trip to nearby Onuma, an area filled with gorgeous natural scenery. Let's dive right in!

■Day 1: Exploring Hakodate: Motomachi, Mt. Hakodate

■Day 1: Morning
Hakodate Airport → Hakodate City center (by car: about 8.5km, by bus: about 20 minutes)
Stroll through Motomachi
Route example:
Hakodate Airport → Hakodate Ekimae → Jujigai Tram Station

Advice: Drop your bags off at your hotel and head out right away to explore the city! Take the Hakodate tram and get off at Jujigai. Going up the hill you will see a number of historical churches and Western-style buildings such as the Hakodate Orthodox Church, the Motomachi Roman Catholic Church, the Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, and the former British Consulate of Hakodate. This walking tour takes about three hours. On the way, stop at Hachimanzaka Slope, well-known in Hakodate for its spectacular views.

■Day 1: Lunch is a must
Hakodate Shio Ramen / Lucky Pierrot Hamburger

Advice: For your first meal in Hakodate you must try shio ramen for which the city is famous. The streets around JR Hakodate Station are dotted with shops. During your stay in Hakodate you should also go to a Lucky Pierrot Hamburger shop, a chain that got its start in Hakodate. This burger shop offers a menu of unique burgers such as the Chinese Chicken Burger – deep-fried chicken with a sweet and spicy sauce. The Bay Area Marina Suehiro Shop is easily accessible.

■Day 1: Afternoon
Red Brick Warehouses → Mt. Hakodate observation deck

Advice: The red brick warehouse in the bay area facing Hakodate Bay is Hakodate's number one shopping spot. Allow yourself two to three hours to leisurely enjoy visiting and shopping in the Kanamori Youbutsukan (Western Museum), BAY Hakodate, and Hakodate Meijikan (Meiji Hall).
This is a good place to take a break and enjoy the fares offered at confectionery shops and cafes.
Head towards the Mt. Hakodate Observation Deck and try t…

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