These dreamy Hokkaido lavender fields seem to take over Instagram every summer! They are a massive draw for tourists from around the world. The Furano flower fields, complete with breathtaking waves of lavender, are among the region's most popular.
Starting with the world-famous Farm Tomita, we will share inside tips on how to see the Furano flower fields, plus details on the lavender blooming season so you can get the best photos during your Hokkaido trip.
This summer, make these Hokkaido flower farms part of your itinerary! Don't miss the lavender-covered hills – become enveloped in the refreshing scent drifting softly in the breeze!

▲One of the charms of the Furano flower fields district is that you can view the majestic landscapes and flower fields from several locations!

1. Farm Tomita Flower Fields: The Holy Land of Hokkaido Lavender Fields

Farm Tomita revived the declining lavender cultivation in the Furano region and pioneered that established lavender tourism. Now it is a lavender holy land where people visit from around the world.

▲It is not an exaggeration to say that almost everyone planning to view lavenders in the Furano region will visit Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita is about a 45-minute drive from Asahikawa Airport, about 5 minutes from JR Furano Station, and about a 7-minute walk from JR Lavender Farm Station, where only the special train Noroko is allowed to run.
On this incredible Furano flower farm, there are a variety of blooming fields and many places worth viewing!

▲A hill covered with colorful flowers, Irodori Field is a famous spot for snapping pictures

▲The Traditional Lavender Field located along the slope is also another place to stop by!

Lavender bloom time!
There are many types of lavender here, such as the Noushi Hayazaki and Youtei, which are in bloom during early July to mid-July, and the Okamurazaki, which flowers from mid-July to late July.
Even though there are many late-blooming lavender types, you can enjoy a purple view in various locations on the farm from early to late July.

▲Other than lavender there are various flowers such as poppy and scarlet sage; the farm has flowers in bloom from spring to autumn

Farm Tomita offers shops and cafes like Poppy House and Hanabito House to accompany your flower viewing pleasure.

▲Gifts such as dry flowers made from poppy and lavender are available

▲Refreshing flavor & aroma! The lavender soft-serve ice cream (300 yen) is a must-taste

Stroll around with a camera: the beautiful landscape will mesmerize you to spend the whole day here. Magnificent views will convince you that this is indeed a holy land.

▲Many visitors during the peak season

During the Hokkaido lavender blooming season in July, there are many visitors, and on the weekends, the parking lot is crammed with a long line of cars forming before noon.
We recommend visiting Farm Tomita in the morning before the crowds descend. Especially if you are planning on visiting these Hokkaido lavender fields, there is some traveling to do and the roads will be crowded, so we propose that you start your sightseeing from here.
Entry Fee: Free
Hours: Normal operation hours planned (December to March will be operated as WHITE SEASON)
Free entry to the flower fields
Closed: Always open during the lavender season
*Shops, cafes will have different …

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