Hokkaido is also a popular resort area during summer and local residents are busy with leisure activities especially suited to summer!
Here is how you can be fully prepared to enjoy the attractions of Hokkaido in summer.

Hokkaido Summers are Refreshingly Mild! The Most Comfortable Place to Spend Summer in Japan

Much of Japan cannot escape the rain in summer with the arrival of the rainy season, sudden downpours, and towering thunderclouds. However, on the other side of the Tsugaru Straits refreshing breezes blow under a broad, blue sky. Summer is the best season for sightseeing in Hokkaido because of the low, comfortable temperatures and excellent weather.
In addition, other regions in Japan continue to have a summer-like climate from June to September, but it really only feels like summer in Hokkaido from the end of June. From about the middle of August onwards the weather increasingly becomes fall-like. Summers are short in Hokkaido, but offer many different attractions, and how you choose to enjoy them is up to you.

Enjoy Leisure Activities in the Great Outdoors

The primary attraction of Hokkaido is its tapestry of natural scenery. Hokkaido, which is surrounded by the sea on all sides, has a variety of coastlines from beautiful sandy beaches to cliffs and rock formations. In particular, the Shakotan Peninsula, which protrudes to the west of Hokkaido, has a beautiful blue sea called "Shakotan Blue" and magnificent steep cliffs. Between June and August sea urchins are a summer delicacy.

Clear, beautiful waterfront scenery can be enjoyed at lakes, rivers and valleys. Hokkaido is blessed with highly transparent lakes, such as Lake Shikotsu and Lake Mashu, where many people enjoy leisure activities such as canoeing and boating. There are many spots for mountain stream fishing, and Hokkaido residents spend the summer enjoying outdoor activities to their hearts' content

Enjoy Gorgeous Summer Flowers in Hokkaido's Northern Regions!

In Hokkaido, especially in the cooler northern and eastern regions, wild flowers are in bloom everywhere during the short summer. In Rebun Island, which is called Flower Island, and in Sarobetsu and Koshimizu there are primordial flower gardens; here you can see precious natural flowers that can only be seen in Hokkaido.
This is the season when flowers can be enjoyed both in cities and farming communities. Broad fields become carpeted in bright colors such as the lavender fields in Furano in early July and the sunflower fields in the town of Hokuryu in early August. Then there is the Hokkaido Garden Highway along which there are eight beautiful gardens alive with blossoming flowers in the months of June and Ju…

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