Of the joys of Japan lies in enjoying its four seasons, each of which has completely different weather, foods, and sights. Early fall tends to be a refreshing time of year, when the summer heat eases, and it’s more comfortable to be outdoors.

Some visitors to Japan like the change of summer to winter, but why is that? We interviewed a few foreign visitors who have experienced fall in Japan to hear their thoughts.

(Each comment is an individual opinion of the respondent)

The beauty of Japan’s fall leaves is impressive!

“Fall leaves in Japan are beautiful. I think it’s very nice to see beautiful foliage in areas with abundant nature and in urban parks, such as in Tokyo. Trees along the roads also turn color, and it’s delightful to walk outside and feel like you’re in a painting.” (Italian woman)

“I was surprised that the fall colors really were so beautiful. I stayed at a hotel where I could gaze out at the foliage while soaking in a hot spring, and the scenery was exceptional.” (Australian man)

Enjoying Japan’s fall colors is probably the most popular tradition in the fall. I think that many people have paused while strolling to soak up the beauty around them. Japan also has a culture of hunting out the best fall leaf viewing areas around the country, with many shutterbugs flocking to some of the better-known spots as soon as the foliage forecast is updated.

Kyoto is an exceptionally famous spot for fall leaves, with Kodaiji Temple, Manshu-in Monzeki Temple, and Nison-in Temple being particularly popular destinations during the Japanese maple viewing season.

The Italian woman and Australian man interviewed for this article both said that they were surprised at the beauty of the fall leaves in Japan.

Of course, fall foliage isn’t unique to Japan, with leaf viewing rather popular in many countries from Europe to Asia, such as Canada, Germany, Australia, South Korea, and China. Nevertheless, many foreign guests have mentioned that they regard Japan’s leaves as among the most beautiful for some reason.

It is said that one of the reasons why is that Japan has a distinctive atmosphere. Ancient temples and shrines are often the focal points for Japan’s fall foliage, and this creates a very unique and “only in Japan” kind of gorgeous scenery.

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There are many typhoons and unexpectedly hot days

“I have the image of Japan having many typhoons from the end of summer to fall. Due to these typhoons, trains will often stop or be delayed. This may be unavoidable, but all the station announcements were in Japanese. I was pretty surprised that I co…

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