When it comes to popular tourist destinations near Tokyo that are loved by international visitors, Nikko and Kinugawa in Tochigi Prefecture take the spotlight. And one of the trains connecting this area with Tokyo is the Tobu Railway’s limited express train, SPACIA.

Exciting news awaits in July 2023 as the brand-new ‘SPACIA X’ series will be introduced. But guess what? Our intrepid LIVE JAPAN staff had the privilege of attending a special preview ride before the official launch! Now, let’s delve into the thrilling details of this exclusive experience.

Sneak Peek into the Test Ride of the New Express Train, SPACIA X!

Chia-chi and Timothy, two members of the LIVE JAPAN team, had the eagerly awaited opportunity to experience the launch of the “SPACIA X,” the brand-new express train.

Chia-chi shared, “Japan’s railway system is famous even in Taiwan. Many Taiwanese visitors are excited to see what Japanese trains are like when they come here. I’m also filled with anticipation!”

Timothy added, “Japanese trains are renowned worldwide for their wide variety, unique designs, facilities, and services. Not only the captivating exterior but also the interior of the train is something I’m really looking forward to. I’m particularly interested in exploring the Café & Bar space this time!”

Discover the Allure of Nikko, a Must-Visit Destination for Many Foreign Tourists

Nikko, situated among the top tourist spots in the Kanto region, attracts a significant number of foreign visitors. Its appeal lies in the abundance of breathtaking natural scenery that changes with each season, a wide range of activities, rejuvenating hot springs, iconic historical structures representing Japan, time-honored traditional crafts, and delightful local cuisine. Nikko offers a plethora of sights to see and experiences to try, making it a must-visit location in Japan.

Furthermore, one of the reasons for its popularity among international tourists is its easy accessibility. Nikko can be reached in just 1 hour and 50 minutes (using the “SPACIA” limited express train) with a direct connection from Asakusa Station, which is considered the number one tourist spot in Tokyo.

Nikko is a favored destination for school excursions among elementary and middle school students in the Kanto region. It is also a popular choice for girls’ trips, family vacations, and attracts visitors of all ages. Particularly during the vibrant autumn foliage season, people from all over the country flock to Nikko to witness its splendor.

Debuting July 15, 2023! Introducing the New SPACIA X Limited Express Train

“SPACIA” is the monicke…

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