Wakayama Castle is counted among the best 100 castles in Japan. The castle tower was rebuilt in 1958, and 2018 marked the 60th anniversary of that. The stone walls and moat have survived many historical events.
A part of the Edo era bailey (a courtyard within a castle enclosed by a curtain wall) is now a park and sightseeing spot full of attractions such as gardens, a historical center, and even a zoo.
Join us as we share the best ways to see Wakayama Castle!

Wakayama Castle: Basic information and access

Wakayama Castle is about a 10-minute walk from the Nankai Electric Railway Wakayama City Station.
The Wakayama City Hall is right in front of the park which is located in the very center of the city. Its easy access makes the castle an excellent sightseeing spot in which you can wander about freely and except for certain areas, such as the castle tower, there are no admission fees.

▲The grounds of Wakayama Castle have been made into a park.

Wakayama Castle played a key role in the west of the shogunate as the residence of the Kishu branch of the Tokugawa family, one of three such branches. It was also the castle where Yoshimune Tokugawa, made famous in the TV program “The Unfettered Shogun”, resided.

▲Wakayama Castle when the cherries are in bloom

The castle tower of Wakayama Castle was destroyed by fire when it was hit by lightning in 1846. It was rebuilt to its almost exact original form in 1850, but then again destroyed in an aerial bombing during the Second World War. The current castle tower is its third reincarnation.

The brilliant white of the castle tower stands out amongst the lush greenery of the castle grounds. It’s also a pleasure to see how it changes with the seasons. But the best season of all is spring when the cherries are in full bloom. This is the best place for cherry blossom viewings.

▲Otemon [Main Gate], the entrance to Wakayama Castle

Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery of the castle, there are plenty of other things to see and do there, too. So, without further ado, let me list the best ways to enjoy Wakayama Castle!

Highlight No. 1: Check out the chalk castle tower

The main attraction is without a doubt the castle tower. First go up to the higher areas in the park and head towards the square in front of the castle tower. Admission for sightseeing in the tower costs 410 yen for high school aged and older and 200 yen for elementary and middle school students.

▲ The second gate of the tower is called Kusunoki-mon [Camphor Tree Gate]

After paying the admission fee and entering the area you immediately come to the second gate of the castle tower. The castle tower of Wakayama Castle is made up of a larger tower and smaller tower connected by defense platforms and lookout towers on the stone walls called Tamon Yagura in a style known as coalition towers. …

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