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Inside Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter

New for 2023, The Making of Harry Potter is an immersive experience that makes use of all the senses, taking you through the entire process of how the films were made, and letting you live out some of your favorite scenes along the way.

Here, we’ll take a deep dive into the tour and what to expect, so grab your wands, because things are about to get magical!

Overview and What to Expect

‘Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter’ is not an amusement park with attractions, but rather an interactive studio tour with incredible recreations of sets and scenes, and a whole host of fun ways to get involved with the Harry Potter world that has been created here.

The tour takes around three to four hours to complete. It can be done in less time, but only if you’re taking a few pictures here and there and choose not to interact much with the scenes, so we recommend allowing a few hours to get the most out of it. The entire tour is a loop, so you won’t miss anything.

There are only a couple of places to use the bathroom or have any refreshments along the way, so make sure you’re prepared!

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First Impressions

Even before you enter the building, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Toshimaen Station has various Harry Potter-like elements within the station itself, and once you exit you will be greeted by the house colors and Harry’s iconic stag Patronus.

At the park entrance, you’ll then see a few other Patronus statues around, as well as a Hagrid statue, a Nagini statue, and even a giant pair of Harry’s glasses (before they got broken, that is).

Those aren’t the only friends greeting you though, as once you’ve entered the building, you’ll see a magnificent dragon roaring through the skies as if it were about to burst through the glass!

Entering the Harry Potter World

As you enter, on the right, you’ll see a recreation of the Great Hall (called the Food Hall), complete with floating candles and house colors where you can get various Harry Potter and British-themed meals and snacks. Depending on when you arrive, you could treat yourself to fish and chips or a house-colored donut before your tour, or wait to stop by afterward.

You’ll also see Frog Café, the magic chocolate frog-themed dessert bar.

But the main event lies straight ahead from the entrance, in an unsuspecting darkened doorway…

Walk through the doorway and you’ll be greeted by large portraits of Harry and the gang, as well as a QR code that you’ll need to scan in order to be able to save any pictures or interactions you have later on.

Then, afte…

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