Among Tokyo's many famous areas, Ginza is definitely a must-see. Along with gathering the latest trends in fashion and culture from all over the world, Ginza is also home to high-quality gourmet food and the taste and atmosphere of the restaurants are part of Japan's unique appeal.
Not surprisingly, in Ginza sushi is especially popular. At Itamae Sushi Ginza Corridor Store, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Ginza and the taste of Japan at a reasonable price.

A famous shop in the hot Ginza Corridor

Although it's one of Japan's most historical areas, Ginza has always been a place of continuous development, incorporating the latest trends. The cityscape is full of charm and pairs modern buildings that make full use of the newest technology with those that have stood since ancient times to create a unique atmosphere.
The main streets are lined with malls, department stores, and boutiques showcasing high-end brands in a distinctly urban setting. Beyond the major thoroughfares, there are also fun narrow streets and small alleys.
One such side track is Ginza Corridor. It runs along the elevated Tokyo Expressway and train lines from Shimbashi Station to Yurakucho Station and is one of Tokyo's top gourmet streets with restaurants serving dishes from all over Japan and around the world.

Itamae Sushi Ginza Corridor is located near Shimbashi. Exit the station via the Ginza Exit, head north (toward Ginza), and (almost immediately) cross Sotobori-dori. Follow Route 405, cross beneath the Tokyo Expressway and immediately turn left at the Dobashi intersection and onto Ginza Corridor ("Ginza Korido-dori").
Follow the Corridor along the expressway, go through one intersection and Itamae Sushi will be on your right. The restaurant's wooden exterior is perfect for a sushi dinner, and your sense of anticipation is bound to rise as you enter the shop.

The restaurant has 3 tables and 15 counter seats. The counter seats will give you a great view of the chefs as they prepare your sushi. Or, sitting at a table, screens hanging above can be pulled down to create a private dining space.

Savor all the deliciousness of different cuts of tuna!

Itamae Sushi famously made the winning prize tuna bid at Tokyo's Tsukiji Market auction for four consecutive years from 2008 to 2011. Tuna is one of the indispensable ingredients of Edomae sushi, and Itamae serves top-quality tuna daily.
With the "Strongest Bluefin Tuna Set" (2,780 yen, excluding tax) you can savor the delicious flavor of many different cuts.

A great meal for …

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