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Japan Weather: 7-day Forecast for Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto & Elsewhere (+What to Wear)

Wondering about the weather in Japan this week? Here, we’ll share the weekly forecast for Japan, with a focus on Tokyo. Additionally, we’ll provide insights into the weather patterns for the season. You’ll also find valuable suggestions on packing essentials for your trip to Japan this month, along with a glimpse of the current events and activities taking place during this season.

Read on as we cover this week’s Japan weather forecast and more!

(Forecast information displayed is as of 5 a.m. JST on July 3, 2023.)

What’s the weather like in Tokyo this week?
Tokyo weather forecast for July 3-9

In Tokyo this week, you’ll be seeing a mix of mostly cloudy and cloudy days, with occasional scattered showers towards the end of the week. Starting from a warm 24°C in the early part of the week, temperatures will peak at around 32°C before dropping slightly to the upper 20s midweek. Rainy conditions on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday keep the mercury around the lower to mid-30s. Overnight lows, meanwhile, remain consistent in the mid-20s. Given these conditions, you might want to pack light layers and a raincoat or umbrella to stay dry during those scattered showers.

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What’s the weather like in Japan this week?
Japan weather forecast for July 3-9

Starting off the week, we have a low-pressure system sweeping northeast over the Sea of Japan, bringing clouds and a few rainy days, particularly for Northern Japan. This weather will extend down south towards Kyushu, so expect a mix of overcast and rainy days in both Eastern and Western Japan.

Around the seventh, the front is set to stretch out from Central China and linger near Honshu, meaning continued cloudy weather with the possibility of some showers. However, don’t fret, there will be sunny spells scattered between.

On the brighter side, the beautiful islands of Okinawa and Amami will enjoy several sun-filled days, thanks to a high-pressure system. Temperatures are on the warm side, so light, breathable clothing would be suitable, along with some rain gear for the occasional showers up north and on Honshu.

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Northern Japan (Sapporo)

For Sapporo, this week promises to be fairly consistent, with a blend of cloud cover and occasional scattered showers. Early in the week, we’re looking at mostly cloudy skies with temperatures staying steady around the mid-20s°C. Midweek, there’s a bit of a warm-up expected, as the mercury climbs towards the upper 20s°C, with chances of sporadic rain showers coming in on Thursday. As we roll into the weekend, it’s heating up even more, reaching into the lower 30s°C, still under a cloudy sky. Given this forecast, it’…

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