Sailor Moon brought to life, and made brand-name.
First Anna Sui, then Samantha Group, and now an even bigger name in fashion? The collaborations in celebration of Sailor Moon’s 30th anniversary just keep coming. One of the most notable part of the celebrations was revealed on July 1, a pair of fuchsia “Crystal Boots” modeled after the pair Sailor Moon wears, designed by none other than Jimmy Choo. These knee-high boots are practically covered with Swarovski crystals, including some extra-large ones that make up Sailor Moon’s signature crescent moon at the top of the boot.
▼ Here they are in all their pretty, shiny glory.

Image: PR Times

The boots first went on display on July 1 at the newly opened Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum event in Tokyo’s Roppongi neighborhood, close to where the anime is originally set. While there is just one pair of the Jimmy Choo collab boots on display, it’s also possible to order them for yourself. Just don’t expect them to come cheap! One pair will run you 1,796,000 yen (US$13,196.66)–no, we didn’t add one too many zeroes–and they’re being sold in limited quantities.
Since the unveiling and press release about the fa…

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