Kichijoji is a scenic, atmospheric neighborhood in Tokyo’s west, a mere 25-minute train ride away from the large Shinjuku Station. It’s a wonderful fusion of urban culture and suburban relaxation, home to fashionable department stores and large electronic shops, but also a plethora of small boutiques, cafes, and amazingly delicious restaurants.On top of that, Inokashira Park is the figurative heart of Kichijoji and provides urbanites with plenty of lush nature and fresh air. Let’s talk a walk around the neighborhood and visit Kichijoji’s must-see spots!

Majerca: The Cutest Handmade Goods in all of Kichijoji

Majerca should be one of your first stops when visiting Kichijoji. The neighborhood follows a rather slow pace, so the best time to arrive at the station is around 11:00 a.m. That leaves you plenty of time to leisurely stroll through Kichijoji’s alleys, and you’ll happen upon Majerca almost naturally. The cozy shop will catch your eye with the many colorful goods in front of the store, its charming aura, and creative vibe.

Majerca exclusively sells handmade goods made by people with disabilities from all around Japan. From necklaces to canvas bags, from tableware to pouches – Majerca is a treasure trove of unique, stylish, and adorable goods.
Examining each item, you’ll not only find that one isn’t like the other and of amazing creativity but also extremely high in quality.
“Majerca” is a play on words of the Japanese word for “mixing,” reflecting the philosophy that the world is a colorful mix of people – some with disabilities, some without.

Handmake signature stamp cases, 800 yen each

These cute cases come in all kinds of colors and patterns, so take your time to find your favorite! While you probably don’t have a signature stamp, these cases can easily be used for lipsticks, mascara, spare coins, and more.

Handmade cosmetic pouches, 1,900 yen for medium and 3,500 yen for large (the designs are all unique and thus, prices may be different for some pouches)

If you’re looking for something bigger but equally cute, go for the cosmetic pouches! They come in two different sizes, perfect for both small and larger on-the-go makeup arsenals. Also keep an eye out for the nicest design!

Wallets made from rice bags, 2,800 yen each

One of the most exciting things to do at Majerca is to look out for items made from recycled things. A highlight among them is the rice bag wallets which are wonderfully colorful on the outside but still bear traces of their origin as you open them!

From top left: sparkly hair ornament for 700 yen, wooly brooch for 800 yen, ribbon hair ornament for 300 yen, earrings for 1,500 yen

Canvas bags for 1,800 yen each

These canvas bags are some of the most creative items of Majerca, as they’re printed and decorated entirely after the ideas of the person who made them.

Handmade tea bowl for 1,800 yen

Even handmade tableware is part of Majerca’s plethora of odds and ends. They fuse traditional shapes with modern designs and ar…

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