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Koka Ninja House: Become A Ninja At Japan’s Only Remaining Ninja Residence!

Koka Ninja House, located in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, is Japan’s only remaining “ninja house” where actual ninja lived. It is commonly believed that there were once 49 ninja schools in Japan. The two major powers among them were the Koka and the Iga schools.
At Koka Ninja House, visitors can experience an authentic residence that real ninja actually used, look at shuriken and other tools, and learn the history of the ninja. So let's travel back in time to discover the secrets of these mysterious figures.

Koka – Japan's ninja village

The two great ninja villages were Iga and Koka, with the latter’s headquarters located in a mountainous area adjacent to Shiga and Mie prefectures.
The existence of the Koka ninja became known throughout the country in 1487 during the Battle of Magari as they helped the Sasaki Rokkaku clan defy the Muromachi Shogunate by launching surprise attacks in the mountains and burning the enemy headquarters.
During this period of chaos and continuous warfare, ninja were employed as spies, using their special skills and tactics. In feudal Japan, just as in modern times, the one who controls the information wins, and ninja played an active role from the shadows, with a history enshrouded in mystery.
Despite that secretive history, Koka City and the Koka Ninja House still hold notoriety as the former home of the ninja.

Koka Ninja House: Where the signs of a real ninja remain

The Koka Ninja House in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, was built about 300 years ago as the home of the Mochizuki family – the leaders of the 53 Koka families. Despite the roof of the house being visible, the main gate isn’t so easy to find, which is a calculated measure of protection against enemies.

Surrounded by the Handozan mountains, where the ninja trained, the Koka countryside is peaceful, and it’s easy to imagine a ninja working undercover as a farmer here.

During the Warring States period, the leading ninja families were Iga’s Hattori and Koka’s Mochizuki families. The Mochizuki house employed various mechanisms to protect the family against unforeseen attacks. In this three-story building, visitors can observe and experience these clever measures.

Experience karakuri everywhere!

Visitors can freely wander throughout the house but will gain a fuller appreciation of the “karakuri” (mechanisms) by viewing the touch panel explanations (English and Chinese subtitles available) at the entrance to each section.
The house’s interior is slightly dim to confuse enemies and aid in escaping pursuers. Ninja also built their homes with many clever ways to hide themselv…

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