Run by famous Kyoto cosmetics brand, Yojiya, the beloved Yojiya Cafe in Arashiyama will be offering a special take-out sweets menu this spring!
With the new multi-layered parfait-like crepe as the highlight, it’s now easier than ever to grab a bite while checking out Kyoto’s most famous sights! Let’s take a closer look!

What Kind of Brand is Yojiya?

If you're not familiar with the brand, established in 1904, Yojiya is most famous for its iconic blotting paper featuring a drawing of a face on the package.
The founder, Kunieda Shigeo, who was once consulted during movie production regarding facial gleam, created a product to remove facial oil from paper used in gold foil production.
The product worked extremely well at reducing facial gleam on camera, and its popularity began to expand throughout the ‘Kagai’ – traditional areas in Kyoto full of teahouses and geigi/maiko.
After spreading across Japan, Yojiya’s products eventually began to be exported overseas, marking the peak of their success.

In 2003, Yojiya opened a cafe to provide sightseers with a place to unwind and escape the crowds often found around Arashiyama.

Yojiya’s iconic logo on the foam! The Yojiya Special Matcha Cappuccino (ice) 670 yen

There are now two Yojiya Cafes within Kyoto City. One of these is the Sagano Arashiyama outlet near the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and a roughly 7-minute walk west from Saga-Arashiyama Station.
Bearing a laid-back, tranquil atmosphere, they specialize in luxurious sweets often considered an integral part of the Arashiyama sightseeing experience.

Yojiya Cafe Arashiyama Now Offers Take Out!

Yojiya Cafe has set up the ‘Ocha no Crepe’ take-out store specializing in their acclaimed ‘Tea Crepes.’ Freshly opened in March 2021, this brand new venture will operate alongside the Sagano Arashiyama cafe.
Using their ‘Face Parfait’ as the base, the Tea Crepe is an authentic, high-quality dessert vastly superior to your average fast-food crepe.

In addition to the Tea Crepe, a stylish cappuccino featuring their logo on the foam is also on offer, along with coffee, tea, and a wealth of other drinks. Aside from Japanese, staff speaking English, Chinese, and Korean are available. All varieties of credit card and other cashless payment systems are also accepted.

The available payment methods.

Feels Like a Parfait! A Look at the Tea Crepe

This brand new outlet will serve Tea Crepes order-made, fresh, and ready to go. The puffy pastry is packed with a smorgasbord of tantalizing sweets, all designed to be conveniently eaten on the go!

The Tea Crepe – Matcha (750 yen)

Naturally, the crepe is made with matcha from Kyoto’s legendary green tea town of Uji. Blended with flour, it forms a delightful squishy bite enhanced by ample h…

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