Kamodashi Chukasoba ROKU, located in Kawaramachi, Kyoto's premier shopping district, features high-quality ramen made by celebrated chef Yuji Iwasaki, who opened the Chinese restaurant VELROSIER and received a star in the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2022.
Kamodashi Chukasoba ROKU was also awarded the MICHELIN ranking of "Bib Gourmand," which indicates reasonably priced yet high-quality food. Using expert Chinese cooking techniques, the irresistible "kamodashi" duck broth is worth savoring to its final drop.
Read on to learn the secrets of this delicious ramen, and add one more restaurant to your Kyoto must-eat list!

Chinese Noodles With a Modern-Japanese Twist

Kamodashi Chukasoba ROKU – Keep an eye out for the stylish lantern and curtain.

Kamodashi Chukasoba ROKU is located on the 2nd floor of GOOD NATURE STATION, a shopping complex directly connected to the Kyoto Takashimaya Department Store in Kawaramachi.
Taking the escalator, you'll find yourself on a floor hosting five restaurants based around the theme of "premium gastronomy." Being dimly lit, the floor radiates a classy, opulent atmosphere. Chef Iwasaki's Chinese restaurant VELROSIER is also found on the same floor.

The cool, relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

Kamodashi Chukasoba ROKU is counter seat only, designed by the same individual who created the main restaurant. Unlike most ramen outlets, the kitchen is closed off, allowing patrons a relaxed, luxurious, modern-Japanese atmosphere. The dishes likewise reflect this quality, being top-tier, gourmet ramen a cut above the rest.

Sitting on the table is a tray, hand towel, chopsticks, and menu.

Patrons order ramen directly from the staff behind the counter, and there is no automatic ticket machine, as is often used in ramen restaurants. COVID-19 countermeasures include disinfectant spray by the entrance and a plastic barrier between each seat.
Each seat has its own glass plate, and every single element was meticulously designed to allow customers to thoroughly relish their meals.

Chef Iwasaki from VELROSIER.

Chef Iwasaki had always dreamed of opening a ramen restaurant. "Both Chinese cuisine and ramen are based around soup. I envisioned both my restaurants with next-level soup, taken to the highest degree of possible quality," said Iwasaki.
Being right by his main restaurant, both share the same ingredients and talents.

Kamochintanmen – The Most Popular Dish

On days without a line outside, you're free to enter the restaurant as you please. If there is a line, then take a reservation ticket from the machine to the right of the entrance. Once you're called, sit down and make your order.
The menu is Japanese-only; however, an English menu is currently under considerat…

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