It is no exaggeration to say that Kyoto is among the most famous tourist spots in Japan. Many foreign tourists visit Kyoto to buy unique souvenirs such as Japanese sweets and matcha (green tea) sweets every year. Here, we would like to introduce a selection of Kyoto-style souvenirs that can be easily purchased at supermarkets.
You might be able to become more like a Kyoto resident if you eat or take home souvenirs that are filled with "wa (Japanese – spirit, harmony)," which are eaten by people in Kyoto every day.

Let's head on over to "Super Fresco," which operates mainly in Kyoto City

The "Super Fresco Gojo Ohashi Store" is conveniently located near Keihan Shimizu Gojo Station.

The name of the store means "fresh and lush" in Italian, and the products are lined up with outstanding freshness.

In 1992, Super Fresco began operating as a retail market in Yamashina-ku, Kyoto. This supermarket, which operates mainly in Kyoto City, has introduced 24-hour operation in some stores.
It offers fresh products at reasonable prices, even late at night, and is loved by locals as a "super convenience store" that combines the selection of supermarket groceries with the convenience of a convenience store. It is also popular among foreign tourists, as they can shop without worrying about time, especially when they need a midnight snack.
We spoke with Mr. Tadahiro Shinji, manager at the Gojo Ohashi store, which just opened in November 2020 to hear their recommended Kyoto-style products.
Near the Gojo-Ohashi store is the Shoseien Garden, a stroll garden of Higashi Honganji Temple, so you can stop by during sightseeing, and since the store is open 24 hours a day, you can always find souvenirs.

"The Gojo Ohashi store is the only Fresco store that also carries discounted products. Please check it out," says Mr. Shinji.

1. A Classic Kyoto Souvenir! "Kakugiri Yatsuhashi," from a Long-Established Japanese Confectionery

Yatsuhashi, a Kyoto-style confectionery with over 300 years of history

Yatsuhashi, one of Kyoto's most popular Japanese sweets, can also be found in Kyoto's supermarkets. These rice crackers have a strange shape that mimics the form of a Japanese koto harp and come in many varieties.
"Kakugiri Yatsuhashi" (135g, 213 yen) from Kyoeido, a long-established Japanese confectionery, is an easy-to-eat Yatsuhashi made by mixing rice flour, sugar, cinnamon, and sesame seeds, which is then rolled out thin and baked.
Surprisingly, Kyoto residents rarely buy and eat them, and they are specialized as souvenirs, but when they are given, they are gratefully accepted. The crispy texture is delightful. The subtle sweetness and flavor of the cinnimon are irresistible, making it an excellent gift for anyone.

2. "Kyofu Melon" and "Haikara Kyofu Melon," Fresco's Limited Edition Melonpan Shaped like a Rugby Ball

The "Kyofu Melon" is filled with a moderately sweet white bean paste

Fresco has a lineup of private brand "F-Green" products that are high in quality and taste. The most popular of these are the "Kyofu Melon" and "Haikara Kyofu Melon" (129 yen each).

The harmony of sweet red bean paste and cheese cream is superb in "Haikara Kyoto-style melon.

In Japan, melonpan is usually round, but the traditional variety in Kyoto is a cute …

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