mt. fuji satoyama vacation

Mt. Fuji Satoyama Vacation is a beautiful retreat site, luxurious camping facility and ecotourism hub centered around the Japanese concept of “wa” (harmony). It is exclusively available for guests of En-Ya Mt. Fuji Ecotours. Our ecotours and facility were conceived with the dream of creating and deepening connections with people and the surrounding nature under the watchful eye of Mt. Fuji: Japan’s number one icon and cultural heritage site.

After traveling all around the world working in community-based ecotourism development, founder Masanori Shintani returned to his home near Fujinomiya City in Shizuoka to create a sustainable and eco-friendly site on the foothills of Japan’s greatest mountain.

Our facility is carefully crafted and built around our upheld beliefs in sustainable tourism. We look forward to welcoming you to stay, enjoy our ecotours experience first-hand just how much we truly love and care about the beauty that Japan has to offer.


mt. fuji satoyama vacation

We limit our accommodation use to two small groups at a time as we value your privacy to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature and dynamic views of Mt. Fuji.

Retreats & Remote Work Hub

Our grounds are perfect for conducting retreats, workshops and team building programs, business leisure and “workcation” travels. Inspire, energize and create magic with your community while enjoying the fresh air and outstanding nature.


Our stories are born out of our experience living on these lands. Mt. Fuji Satoyama Vacation collaborates with local businesses and people to continue enhancing our understanding and love for our surroundings.

Luxury Private Events

Celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or graduation, we can accommodate for private overnight or daytime events including weddings, birthdays and graduations.

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