Recognized as Japan’s tallest and most revered mountain, Mt. Fuji has long been a prominent subject depicted in ancient artwork, cultural artifacts, and imagery. Its magnificence draws numerous visitors from across the globe, making it a significant destination.

The popularity of Mt. Fuji and its surrounding areas continues to soar, with a steady rise in tourist numbers, reaching a staggering 4.5 million visitors in 2017 alone! Amidst this influx, first-time visitors may find it challenging to determine the best places to explore and the must-see sights. To assist in making these decisions, we have crafted the following itinerary, ensuring that day-trippers from Tokyo can fully immerse themselves in the wonders of the Lake Kawaguchiko region!

Overview of the Mt. Fuji Area

The Mt. Fuji Area: A Symbol of Japan’s Beauty
Throughout history, Mt. Fuji has stood as an iconic symbol of Japan, captivating the hearts of both the Japanese people and the world. Katsushika Hokusai’s renowned series, “Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji,” not only influenced Japanese art but also introduced the legendary mountain to a global audience.

Rising as the tallest peak in Japan, Mt. Fuji attracts a substantial number of climbers annually. Its summit offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Southern Alps, Izu Peninsula, and the shimmering lakes, including the captivating Lake Kawaguchiko. Undoubtedly, it presents the most awe-inspiring views in all of Japan, making it an unparalleled destination for experiencing nature’s beauty.

The Enchanting Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji
Nestled at the foot of Mt. Fuji are the five lakes that were formed during its last eruption: Lake Motosu, Lake Shoji, Lake Saiko, Lake Kawaguchiko, and Lake Yamanaka. Together, they are referred to as the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji and were officially recognized as part of the Mt. Fuji Cultural World Heritage site in 2013.

Among these five lakes, Lake Kawaguchi has been renowned for its breathtaking scenic beauty since ancient times. In the vicinity of Lake Kawaguchi, visitors can explore various attractions, including Oishi Park, which offers a stunning view of both the lake and Mt. Fuji. The Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum showcases a splendid collection of music boxes within its medieval European-inspired decor. Additionally, hot spring resorts provide an ideal opportunity to unwind and immerse in the captivating scenery of Mt. Fuji.

The Journey to World Heritage Status
Before embarking on your Mt. Fuji adventur…

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