Mt. Moiwa is roughly in the center of Sapporo City and rises up some 535 meters. The view from the top affords an excellent view of Sapporo plus a spectacular view of Ishikari Bay and Ishikari Plain in the distance.
The glittering lights of Sapporo at night are recognized as one of Japan’s best three night views. Mount Moiwa's superb scenery together with gourmet dishes and nature strolls makes it one of Sapporo's main points of interest.
Here are some suggestions on how to enjoy the night view from Mt. Moiwa.

Scenic view of Sapporo at night from the Mt. Moiwa observation deck

Getting to the top of Mount Moiwa: the Mt. Moiwa Ropeway

The general way to get to the top of Mt. Moiwa is to first take the Sapporo Mt. Moiwa Ropeway from Sanroku Station and then change to the Morris mini-cable car at Chufuku Station which leaves at 15-minute intervals.

The ropeway ride is about 5 minutes. You can get a good view of the city below from the car

The Morris car is two connected mini-cable cars. It is only a 2-minute ride to the top of the mountain

To get to Mt. Moiwa Station from the JR Sapporo Station, board the Sapporo Municipal Subway Namboku Line and then transfer to a Sapporo streetcar at Odori Station. Get off at the stop at the entrance to the ropeway. From there, a 5-minute ride on the free shuttle bus will take you to the top. (Shuttle buses depart about every 15 minutes.)
If you visit by car, note that you cannot go to the summit by car, so use the parking lot at Moiwa Sanroku Station or use the parking lot at Moiwa Chufuku Station after taking the Moiwasan Kanko Expressway, a toll road.

Moiwa Sanroku Station on the slope of Mt. Moiwa. The ropeway is on the fourth floor of the building

Board the ropeway and head toward Moiwa Chufuku Station.

Use a roundtrip ticket for the ropeway and Morris car (1,700 yen for adults; 850 yen for pre-elementary school children)

We recommend standing at the back of the gondola from where you can get another spectacular

Once the gondola door closes the car sways lightly and then begins its ascent, giving the sensation of floating on air.
As the gondola ascends you get a memorable view of the city spreading out below.

The view is magnificent and doubles the pleasure of the gondola ride!

Don’t just transfer at Moiwa Chufuku Station!

Take a few minutes to stroll about enjoying the view after you arrive at Moiwa Chufuku Station and before you take the Morris car to the top.

The Moimoi Omise gift shop greets you when you alight from the car. Go to the right to board the Morris car; if you go to the left all the way back you can go outside.

There are no souvenir shops at the top of the mountain, so if you wish to buy some, this is the place to do it. In addition to offering confectioneries unique to Hokkaido, Mt. Moiwa Limited Edition Ramen is also offered as well as other original goods such as the Mt. Moiwa mascot character Morris.

Hokkaido Ramen is only sold on Mt. Moiwa (soy, salt, miso flavors; 2 servings per pack 650 yen; only the salt flavor costs 700 yen). Noodles are made exclusively with 100% Hokkaido grown

So as not to be encumbered with items when viewing the night scene, it is best to decide what you want to buy and then purchase it on your way back.

Next to the shop are the mascot characters Morris (right) and his wife Morris Mama (left).

Outside there is a small shrine on your left and farther back there is an expanse of primitive forest.

That is not an offering box in the back, but one for putting in 100 yen and receiving an omikuji (sacred lot)

Moiwa primitive forest is designated as a natural treasure. Feeling the richness of nature up close is one of the mountain’s charms

Stop at the shrine on your way to the top of the mountain and pray that you can behold a spectacular night view.
Actually, there are two ways to reach the summit from here.

A roller coaster sensation? Taking the Morris car to Mount Moiwa's summit


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