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Nikko Kanaya Hotel: Embracing Stillness and Serenity at a 150-Year-Old Cultural Oasis

Located in Tochigi Prefecture, Nikko stands as one of the most popular tourist destinations for international visitors to Japan. An oasis of nature and culture, it boasts stunning landscapes shaped by abundant natural resources, hot springs, World Heritage sites, and an array of cultural assets and national treasures.

Dating back to 1873, Nikko Kanaya Hotel has a long history of tradition and prestige. And now, as it celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2023, the hotel has evolved into an even more captivating accommodation, with a renovated annex, a host of specialty gourmet dishes, and special anniversary events.

Let us now introduce Nikko Kanaya Hotel, as we highlight its appealing features for international guests and unveil the exciting contents planned for its 150th-anniversary project.

Nikko Kanaya Hotel: 150 Years of Excellence and Tradition

Founded in 1873, the Nikko Kanaya Hotel is set to commemorate its grand 150th anniversary in June of 2023. As the oldest existing resort hotel in Japan, it exudes a timeless charm with a harmonious fusion of Japanese and Western cultures, making it a long-time favorite amongst visitors to Nikko, including distinguished VIPs from Japan and abroad.

Kanaya Hotel was established in the early Meiji Period (1868-1912) when its founder, Zenichiro Kanaya, extended his hospitality to a foreign guest in need of accommodation.

That guest was none other than Dr. Hepburn, inventor of the most widely used system of romanization for the Japanese language. And it was his suggestion that prompted Zenichiro to open the hotel, offering a part of his residence, the Kanaya Cottage Inn, as a haven for foreigners during the summer season.

The atmosphere generated by the hotel’s extensive history, not to mention its traditional, dignified appearance, is truly unique. Many international guests who have stayed here have expressed their admiration for it as a hotel of significant historical value.

Nikko Kanaya Hotel: A Blend of History and Hospitality

The appeal of Nikko Kanaya Hotel ultimately stems from the historical value of the various artifacts that have been accumulated here over the past 150 years. A portion of the building itself is registered as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan.

A particular favorite amongst international visitors is Dacite Bar, which offers an impressive selection of over 200 types of single malt whiskies. The interior features an Oya stone fireplace, and Nikko sculpted tables, creating a chic and cozy atmosphere perfect for unwinding with family and friends.

Photo: Kanaya Hotel

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