Head to any of the Niseko ski resorts in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido and you’ll hear everyone raving about the “Japow” – a portmanteau of “Japanese powder.” You’ll soon understand why!

The Niseko ski resorts are conveniently located southwest of Sapporo City, about a 2-hour drive from New Chitose Airport. Tourists from all over the world visit this area and during the high season, more than half the people there are from overseas, making it a unique place.

Niseko has some of the best Japow – and some of the best powder in the world. The ski resorts here are as fashionable as any you’d find in other renowned areas. Plus the Niseko area offers delicious cuisine, hot springs, and a cheerful atmosphere making for an enjoyable and captivating stay—all of which account for the many repeat visitors.

Niseko Ski Resorts: Enjoy ‘Japow’ at this powder snow paradise

Niseko is home to an enormous 1,308m mountain called “Annupuri,” with four different ski slopes utilizing the horizontal terrain. These slopes are collectively known as NISEKO UNITED and have been recognized as the Best Japanese Snow Resort four years in a row at the World Ski Awards in Austria.

When is the best season for skiing in Niseko?

The best time to ski in Niseko is during January and February, when the snow is most regular.

During these times of heavy snowfall, the tracks left by other skiers quickly disappear, and the slopes are generally always clean and fresh. Of course, these periods are naturally the most popular times to visit, and you’ll likely encounter crowds of skiers alongside higher lift prices.

If you’d like fewer crowds and lower prices, we recommend visiting as soon as the slopes open during the “early season” or around three months later in the “spring season.” This year, the La Niña effect is predicted to yield a harsh winter with ideal snow conditions.

Best Time to Ski in Niseko: Guide to Monthly Niseko Weather & Crowds!

What makes Niseko’s snowfall so special?

The luscious, abundant snowfall of Niseko constantly resets the tracks to zero, seemingly recreating the ideal skiing conditions over and over again every night!

Due to the proximity of the ocean, the snow that falls here has more moisture than that of the Doto region of Hokkaido. Being the perfect weight and having the ideal crunch, powder snow this heavenly is a true rarity! Being able to enjoy this natural winter wonderland to your heart’s content is one of the biggest appeals of Niseko, and if you’re lucky enough to get the right conditions, you’ll surely join the horde of dedicated Niseko fans who virtually worship the place!

What kind of ski resorts are in Niseko?

Each slope of Niseko has its own unique charact…

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