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No Fish For You? 15 Non-Fishy Japanese Foods You Didn’t Know Existed!

Many of us know that Japan is famous, among other things, also for its food – but what if you aren’t too fond of it?

Surely you shouldn’t feel like avoiding your dream vacation to Japan just for that!

While in Japan, you may change your mind about Japanese food – after all, there are so many different things to choose among that are usually not available abroad, but in the meantime, we compiled a list of alternatives to the Japanese dishes you know and may not like much, that should keep you content and full during your stay!

1. Ethnic food restaurants

In Japan in general, but especially in Tokyo, you’ll find a large number of restaurants that serve food from all over the world. Tokyo is one of the food capitals of the world, and it’s not so only because of the many choices available in terms of Japanese food, but also because it’s home to restaurants specialized in dishes from virtually every country.

With not so much research you’ll be able to find in Tokyo Italian food, French, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Indian, Pakistani, Korean, Chinese, Greek, and so much more (pretty much any country you can think of).

Furthermore, if you have any dietary restriction, in Tokyo you’ll find restaurants that serve vegetarian food, vegan, halal, kosher, or gluten-free. Outside major cities, however, the range of choices may diminish.

Search for ethnic restaurants in Tokyo

2. Family restaurants

There’s a kind of eatery in Japan referred to as famiresu – short for family restaurant. These restaurants resemble an American-style diner and have a very large menu with mostly western-style dishes, from hamburger plates to pasta, steak, different kinds of potatoes, grilled chicken, a host of salads and so on. They usually also have a very large dessert menu.

Depending on the restaurant they have different selection of dishes (and it’s always a lot of them).

Furthermore, they are very easy to find and tend to be quite inexpensive as well.

8 Major Family Restaurant Chains in Japan
1. Bamiyan (Chinese)
2. Denny’s (Diner)
3. Jonathan’s (Diner)
4. Royal Host (Diner)
5. Saizeriya (Italian)
6. Pronto (Italian)
7. Bikkuri Donkey (Hamburg Steak)
8. Ikinari Steak (Steak)

3. Convenience stores

The whole territory of Japan is littered with the so called conbini (convenience stores). These are 24/7 stores that sell a little bit of everything (as well as offering a number of services, from processing payments, bank transfers, mailing postage, etc.). Of course, they also sell drinks and food.

Some of…

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