Just 90 minutes away from Tokyo by train, Ibaraki Flower Park is a theme park centered around gorgeous flowers and getting in touch with nature. It was renovated in April 2021 with the concept of "Feeling Flower Park".
The adjacent camp and resort, HANAYASATOYAMA, opened in the same period.
It's the perfect destination to enjoy a refreshing day in beautiful flower gardens, with cafes and a variety of activities. And at night, enjoy a barbecue and campfire while stargazing. Let's take a look at the charms of Ibaraki Flower Park, where such wonderful experiences await you!

FUN nature activities at Ibaraki Flower Park & HANAYASATOYAMA Camp! (YouTube)

Renovated in April 2021! Concepts behind the renewed Ibaraki Flower Park

Rich in nature and even selected as one of Japan's "Top 100 Villages," Ishioka City in Ibaraki Prefecture retains its quiet countryside appeal. Since opening in 1985, Ibaraki Flower Park has become one of Ishioka City's biggest attractions. It has been loved as a theme park that is visited by many tourists from outside the prefecture too.

In April 2021, it was fully renovated with the concept of "feeling flower park". It has been reborn as a flower park that stimulates the five senses, where you can see, smell, hear, eat, and touch while watching the flowers of the four seasons, centering on the roses, which are the prefectural flowers of Ibaraki Prefecture.

Stimulate your visual sense! To a paradise where 9000 roses of 900 varieties bloom

Stepping inside the park, your senses are immediately engaged. Ibaraki Flower Park has a selection of 900 varieties of roses to view, depending on the season. The enveloping scenes of vividly colored flowers make it a rosy paradise on Earth!

You can see Ibaraki Flower Park's original rose variety, "Yuit Campagne," all over the facility. "Yuit" fortuitously also contains the Japanese word "yui," implying "connection" between the park and surrounding areas. The pink hues of these roses are so vivid as to be titillating. The best time to see the roses at Ibaraki Flower Park is early summer and fall. The park's spring roses bloom between mid-May and June, while fall roses bloom between October and November.

Stimulate your sense of smell! Experience aromatic roses and aromatherapy

Perhaps Ibaraki Flower Park's biggest impression on the senses comes from aroma. There are exhibits involving aromatic flowers and other activities.

At the "Aromatic Roses" exhibit, you can smell five of the 100 available rose varieties. Take a whiff close up, and discover their unique scents. See which one you like the most!

Even the Information Center is filled with the perfume of seasonal flowers. It's no mystery why:…

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