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Osaka 1-Day Food Tour: Michelin Restaurants, Instaaworthy Pancakes, Affordable Kaiseki, and Meat Buns

Join us on a delightful one-day food tour in Osaka, Japan, exploring an endless array of culinary delights, from Michelin-starred restaurants to delightful crab meat buns in Dotonbori. Indulge in Instagram-worthy pancakes, visit popular cake shops, and unwind at themed cafes. Nene, a Taiwanese writer living in Osaka, will share insider tips as we embark on this scrumptious journey!

Photo credits: KKday, Klook, PRTIMES, Interviewee (Wekizato Bunbu-an / Sukiyaki Kitamura / Cafe Mog / Kani Doraku / Tawanico)

Foodie’s Paradise! Taiwanese Writer Nene Relishes Life With Osaka’s Culinary Delights

Photo provided by the interviewee

Meet Nene, a Taiwanese writer for LIVE JAPAN, who has spent over 8 years in Japan, half of which were in Osaka, the culinary haven. With a passion for food, she loves discovering Osaka’s gastronomic gems, especially desserts, afternoon tea, themed cafes, and sukiyaki. Join us as we accompany Nene on a food-filled adventure in Osaka, indulging in a day of delightful feasting!

Tips for a One-Day Food Adventure in Osaka

Photo: PIXTA (person pictured is not the interviewee)

Osaka is abundant with culinary delights, so much so that in Japanese, it’s often called the “City ​​of Indulgence,” where you can eat until you drop. People are willing to spend a fortune to indulge in its delectable offerings! Nene has some tips she’d like to share to ensure your food journey goes smoothly. So before you dive into the feasting, let’s learn how to make the most of your food adventure!

Research Restaurants and Make Reservations

“I suggest researching and making reservations for the restaurants you want to try. This serves two purposes: firstly, it helps you avoid wasting time searching for a place to eat, and secondly, with the growing number of tourists in Japan, many restaurants get crowded, and without a reservation, you might end up waiting in line for popular eateries, or even miss out on dining there if you arrive too late.”

Additionally, Nene advises everyone to try to arrive a bit early, even with a reservation. If you anticipate being late or need to cancel last minute, it’s considerate to inform the restaurant to avoid causing any inconvenience.

Browse popular Osaka dining experiences and cooking activities

Pay Attention to Restaurant Space and Dining Rules

Nowadays, many internet-famous eateries may have smaller dining areas, which could prove inconvenient when you have luggage, a stroller, or a large group. As you pick the restaurants you want to visit, remember to check if they’re spacious enough to accommodate your needs.

Also, be aware that some restaurants have specific dining time restrictions. Even if no lines are outside, they may remind you when your allotted dining time is up. It’s essential to be aware of such rules beforehand to avoid any f…

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