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Osaka Shopping Trip: 15 Most Popular Malls in Osaka (2022 Ranking)

Osaka is one of Japan’s biggest cities, rich in culture and history, great for sightseeing, and for shopping in some interesting malls! There are many shopping malls in Osaka’s various districts, all of them offering something unique.
No matter where your Osaka journey takes you or what you want to buy, there is certain to be a mall in Osaka that will fit right into your travel itinerary.
Here we will introduce a ranking of 15 shopping malls that were popular among our readers through various social networks. Among all of the shopping facilities in Osaka that we have introduced on Live Japan, these are the ones that have made the most impact. Read on to find out where to shop in Osaka!

1. Yodobashi Umeda Tower / LINKS UMEDA: Everything from Electronics to Fashion

Yodobashi Umeda Tower is a commercial complex that opened in 2019 on the north side of JR Osaka Station.
This mall includes Yodobashi Multimedia Umeda, LINKS UMEDA, a collection of around 200 commercial facilities, and Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA, a hotel with around 1,000 rooms, as well as a Japanese garden adjacent to the lobby. Apart from shopping, the mall offers the largest food market in the Umeda Area, Links Marche Eat & Walk.
The second basement floor to the 4th floor is occupied by Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda, one of Japan's largest consumer electronics stores, which sells digital cameras, computers, audio-visual equipment, games, home appliances, and much more.
For those looking for something other than electronics, the 2nd floor has a souvenir corner with Japanese goods and an alcohol section with a variety of sake, shochu, and wine. Try the Gacha Gacha machines on the 5th floor for some limited and collectible Japanese goods. The 9th to 13th floors are parking lots with a capacity of 1,000 cars, so visitors with cars will have no problem finding a spot.
LINKS UMEDA has eight floors (plus two basement levels) of shopping and food. Most are fashion floors with stores selling clothes and accessories, miscellaneous goods, sports gear, and interior items. The 8th floor is a restaurant floor that offers a wide variety of cuisines from Osaka's specialties, like Okonomiyaki and Kushi-age, to international cuisines, such as Italian, Chinese, and Korean food.
Yodobashi Umeda Tower / LINKS UMEDA is a shopping paradise for travelers who are not confident in their Japanese ability, with multi-lingual signs and staff available. The Yodobashi Umeda Tower bus terminal is a hub to major cities in Japan like Fukuoka, Tokyo, Chiba, and Sa…

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