Osaka is one of Japan's premier tourist destinations. As Osaka weather is temperate, you can visit at any time of year. But when is the rainy season, and how to pack?
This article will introduce things you should know before visiting the Kansai area such as the monthly climate changes, appropriate clothing, and useful items to bring with you.

Osaka Weather in Spring: March, April, May

March: average temperature ~9°C
The average temperature in March in the Kansai region is around 9℃. Some days it may reach nearly 20° during the daytime, but most days are still chilly. You can feel the beginning of Spring from mid-to-late March, but there will always be daily variations in temperature. The period from mid-March to mid-April is also known as the "spring long rain" and may bring several consecutive rainy days.
April: average temperature ~15°C
In April, daytime temperatures often reach 20-25°, making it ideal weather for cherry blossom viewing. The amount of precipitation is relatively low, but some days there may be strong winds known as "spring storms."
May: average temperature ~19°C
With average temperatures around 19° and Osaka weather being delightful, May is the best time to visit the city for sightseeing. Most days will be pleasantly fresh and moderately humid. High temperatures can reach around 28°, and some days may be slightly sweaty, but temperatures drop in the morning and evening.

Osaka Weather in Spring. Source: Japan Meteorological Agency

What to Wear in Osaka in Spring: Clothes, Outfits and Accessories

March: Prepare warm clothing, such as sweaters or cardigans, and thick pants or tights for wearing with skirts. You'll need a down coat or thick wool coat, gloves, and a scarf for the beginning of the month. From mid-to-late March, some days will be perfect with only a light jacket and a thin scarf. As there may be long periods of rain, be sure to pack a foldable umbrella in your suitcase.
April: A thick coat will no longer be necessary, but mornings and evenings may be cool. A trench coat or other light coat and a cardigan will prove useful. For nighttime excursions to view the cherry blossoms, prepare for the cold with an extra inner layer and a jacket.
May: May is the best time to visit Osaka. From the middle to the end of May, you will no longer need a coat, and most days, you can get by with a single cardigan or long-sleeved shirt. However, there are still significant variations in temperature day-to-day, so bringing along an extra cardigan or jacket for the cold is recommended.

Osaka Weather in Summer: June, July, August

June: average temperature ~23°C
June in the Kansai region brings average temperatures …

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