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Osaka’s Mega-Sized Sushi at ‘Ganso-Bucchigiri Zushi Uoshin’: 4x Bigger Than Usual

Sushi, one of Japan’s most iconic foods, is commonly enjoyed throughout the world in revolving conveyor “kaiten” restaurants and more. Osaka, the home of revolving sushi, is home to a one-of-a-kind establishment that draws in sushi lovers from all over the globe, by serving up hefty portions of sushi – sometimes 4 times bigger than usual – for a reasonable price.

For this article, we visited “Ganso-Bucchigiri Zushi Uoshin” on the famous Hankyu Higashi-dori shopping street, right by Osaka Station.

This long-established sushi joint is a local hit loved for the generous sizes, incredible flavors, and diverse selection. Let’s see if it lives up to its reputation!

What Is Ganso-Bucchigiri Zushi Uoshin?

The head shop of Ganso-Bucchigiri Zushi Uoshin can be found by heading down the Whity Umeda underground shopping area by Osaka Station, towards Izumi-no-Hiroba. Exit the underground, and you’ll find yourself amongst a bustling shopping arcade full of restaurants called Hankyu Higashi-dori.

Entering from the Shimmido-Suji side, you’ll find Ganso-Bucchigiri Zushi Uoshin immediately on your left.

Since its establishment 50 years ago, it has been famed for its generous toppings of sushi, with the name “bucchigiri” meaning “thick slices.”

The sushi, roughly cut like a fisherman’s meal, became popular due to the irresistible price and excellent flavors. Even after all these years, they remain steadfast in their sizes. They have since expanded to Umeda, Minami, Sannomiya, Abeno Apollo, and Fukushima, forming a total of 6 outlets in the Keihanshin area.

How to Order and Prices

Upon entering Ganso-Bucchigiri Zushi Uoshin, you’ll be immediately greeted by a “welcome” sign in several languages. With the store receiving lots of international attention, the owners have strived to make it as friendly as possible.

The front window showcases the sushi on offer and its incredible sizes. I wonder how many of these monsters we can handle?

Health and safety measures, such as temperature checks and hand disinfectant, are firmly in place.

There are 25 counter seats and 4 tables seating groups of up to 4. If you’re visiting alone or with a partner, sitting at the counter directly in front of the sushi chef is a fantastic way to see their talents up close and have a chat.

If you’re with a group, the table seats are a better fit to share food easily.

While you can call over the staff, orders are generally done via tablet, which can be changed from Japanese to English or Chinese (simplified or traditional). There are sometimes English-spea…

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