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Osaka’s Minoh Park: Enjoy A Refreshing Getaway With Waterfalls, Onsen, Food & More

Minoh City, located in the north of Osaka Prefecture, is a nature-rich getaway easily reachable via train from Osaka City.
Within Minoh City is Minoh Park, most famous for its dazzling array of fall foliage, along with the walking trail by the Minoh River to Minoh Falls. The park is also particularly refreshing during the hot and humid summer months.
With the waterfall an easy 2.8 km walk from the station on a paved trail with little steep undulation, it’s a comfortable, pleasant walk.
This article will show you how to make the most of a day at Minoh, including its famous maple leaf tempura, riverside dining, and hot springs!

What Sort of Place Is Minoh Park?

Minoh Park is a spacious 83.8-hectare forest in the mountainous northern regions of Minoh City. For its abundant wilderness, it was recognized by the Forestry Agency of Japan as one of the “100 Spots For Forest Bathing” in 1986.
It has long been adored as a popular hiking spot close to Osaka City, and is noted for the unique facilities along the waterfall trail, including insectariums, restaurants, temples, and hot springs.

Getting to Minoh Park From Osaka City

The closest station to Minoh Park is Hankyu Minoh Station, which can be reached from Osaka City by train in around 30 minutes, making it very accessible. While there is a carpark near Minoh Station, it is often full, and only vehicles with special permission can drive all the way to Minoh Falls, making public transport the better option.
Public Transport
Take the express train on the Takarazuka Line from Hankyu Osaka-Umeda Station for 17 mins, and change to the Minoh Line at Ishibashi Handai-mae Station. Ride the train for around 6 mins until the final stop, Minoh Station.
Drive for around 30 mins on National Route 423 from Shin-Osaka Station until Hankyu Minoh Station. The highway carries lots of traffic, and there are frequent traffic jams, so it’s best to avoid driving to Minoh Park unless you have lots of experience driving in Japan.

Spending a Day at Minoh Park!

After Arriving at Minoh Station, Head For the Information Center!

Near the gates of Minoh Station is the Minoh Transportation and Tourist Information Center. Here, you can pick up a map of the waterfall trail and pamphlets with local restaurant information and more, making it a good spot to kick off your day trip.
There are pamphlets in English, Korean, and Chinese, along with information about the community Orange Yuzuru Bus available. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for help.
Health & Safety Measures
Indoor disinfection measures taken – Sanitizer installed – Ventilation measures in place – Pla…

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