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Outdoor Dining in Osaka: 3 Terrace Restaurants to Enjoy Osaka’s Iconic Night Scenery

The only way to make the food of Osaka better is with gorgeous nighttime views! Here, we’ll showcase three outdoor dining spots to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime dinner alongside classic sights like Osaka Castle and more.
Adding one or two to your Osaka itinerary is bound to make your trip even more memorable!

1. Blue Birds Roof Top Terrace: BBQ with Osaka Castle

First up, we have Blue Birds Roof Top Terrace, which is the rooftop restaurant of Miraiza Osaka-Jo, right in front of Osaka Castle.
Miraiza Osaka-Jo is a historic building constructed in 1931. It originally served as the Osaka City Museum before being reborn into a multipurpose facility.
Alongside restaurants, there is a samurai and ninja experience, souvenir shop, cafe, and more, making it a great place to rest while sightseeing in Osaka.

Blue Birds Roof Top Terrace offers seasonal BBQ dining between spring and autumn. During spring, diners can take in one-of-a-kind views of Osaka Castle adorned by cherry blossoms, while chowing down on premium ingredients carefully selected by the chef, satisfying both the stomach and soul.

The view changes depending on the seat, so it’s better to let them know where you wish to sit when booking.
For views of Osaka Castle, like the photo above, choose either the “Tenshukaku-gawa Kakuyaku” (天守閣側確約) or the “Tenshukaku-gawa Sofa Seki Kakuyaku” (天守閣側ソファー席確約) when reserving online for guaranteed castle-view seats.
Selecting a castle-view seat is from 6,980 yen/person, while the regular, non-designated seats run from 4,980 yen/person.

Blue Birds Roof Top Terrace reservations (only in Japanese)

This is the “Domestic Beef Sirloin/Kobe Pork 6-Piece Set” (from 6,980 yen). You’ll get a serving of Japanese sirloin, rump, and skirt steak, along with some Kobe pork, Okutanba chicken thighs, sausage, and five kinds of fried vegetables.
You can also help yourself to a buffet of 7 different appetizers, three types of fruit, plus rice and curry.
Best of all, it’s “all-you-can-drink,” with a menu of over 50 beverages, including beer, cocktails, chuhai, and soft drinks.

For those that prefer the ocean's bounties, we recommend opting for the “Seafood BBQ 6-Piece Set” (from 5,980 yen). This feast includes salted and dried luxury “nodoguro” (blackthroat seaperch) and the divine “black tiger” shrimp. For an extra 2,000 yen, you can max up the main menu size too!

Once the sun sets, Osaka Castle will be spectacularly illuminated, making it even more enchanting than the daytime. Combined with the twinkling city lights, it’s a truly breathtaking scene.

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