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Peachman Cafe

When assessing the overall performance of a café or restaurant, many will use the freshness of the food as an indicator of quality. If you're seeking fresher-than-fresh eats in an environment surrounded by abundant nature, Fukushima's Peachman Café fits the bill. The café is directly operated by Fruit Farm Kato which produces cherries, peaches, and apples at different times of year – and they use what they grow in the dishes on offer here.

One of the highlights at the café is their kakigori (shaved ice), and some of the flavors available this summer (until the end of September) include Coco Golden Peach (Takinosawa Gold peaches, tapioca, and coconut cream), Matcha Peach (peach compote, azuki beans, Uji matcha, and a drizzle of honey), and the Peachman Special (Akatsuki peaches – a local Fukushima specialty – topped with a yogurt cream).

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The kakigori portion sizes are absolutely large enough to share, and come priced around ¥ 1200 to ¥ 1600 depending on the type you choose. Aside from the kakigori, Peachman Café also serves up a variety of fruit-based sweet treats such as pies and Madeleines depending on what's in season.

The café itself has a very sleek and modern design, and the light and bright interior feels as fresh as the fruit-filled goodies on offer.

If you do plan to visit the café, do note that they are closed every Tuesday and Wednesday. You can follow their Instagram for more updates via @peach_man_cafe.

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