At this point, the TeamLab digital art collective requires no introduction in Japan. Destinations like TeamLab Planets and TeamLab Borderless have taken Tokyo by storm, particularly for those who appreciate Instagrammable photo opportunities. Sadly, TeamLab Borderless is set to close at the end of August this year, but all is not lost – a permanent TeamLab exhibition is headed to Osaka's Nagai Botanical Gardens, and it officially opens on July 29th, 2022.

Known as the Team Lab Botanical Garden Osaka, the venue will transform into an art space with several different digital displays for visitors to enjoy. The principle behind the new addition to the TeamLab lineup is that art and nature can coexist without any damage to the natural environment.

One of the highlights is bound to be the resonating microcosms (shown in the cover photo), a display of egg-shaped structures that respond to the world around them. For instance, if someone touches them, they light up and emit sound. They're also influenced by environmental factors such as rain and wind.

Other attractions at the venue include seasonal sunflower projection mapping displays, water-based floating resonating lamps made from Murano glass, and a flame-themed exhibit called the Universe of Fire Particles.

[photo id='232126']

Tickets for the TeamLab Botanical Garden are priced at ¥ 1600 for adults, and ¥ 500 for elementary and junior high school-aged students. The admission period is from 7.30pm until 9pm, and reservations for your preferred date can be conveniently made online via the official website here.

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