Japan is full of events and shops that spotlight characters from anime, manga, and games. In Tokyo, one of the most beloved spots for pop culture lovers is the Sunshine City entertainment complex in Ikebukuro. Here, we’ll hear from Julie, Jasmine, and Timothy about their incredible experiences there!

Sunshine City is jam-packed with great spots for a trip to Tokyo this summer. Discover a store that puts you in a world of Sanrio characters, tour endless rows of capsule toy machines, and travel back in time to retro Japan.

Sunshine City: A bright star in Ikebukuro, a Tokyo tourism hub

Ikebukuro is popular among visitors to Japan for its blend of pop culture and classical Japan. Here you’ll find both subcultures around anime and gaming as well as historical buildings that transport you to times past. Add in Ikebukuro’s wealth of eateries, and it’s no wonder that visitors near and far alike, find themselves coming to Ikebukuro time and time again.

Sunshine City is an iconic landmark in Ikebukuro, about an 8-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station’s Exit 35 (JR, Tokyo Metro, Seibu Line, Tobu Line). It’s a mixed commercial facility built into the 251-meter high-rise building Sunshine 60, which opened in 1978. The facility features a wide range of businesses: an aquarium, planetarium, observatory deck, cuisine, fashion, and general retailers.

Find tons of popular characters in Sunshine City!

Sunshine City sees many visitors who come to experience its collaborative events and stores with popular characters.

To spread the word of such special events, Sunshine City has put together the “Chara-mori!” promotional campaign and website to keep visitors up-to-date. The website includes details on collaboration shops for popular characters from Japan and around the world, plus event information and a whole lot more! Your favorite characters might be here too, so give their website a look!

Sunshine City Official ‘Chara-mori!’ Website

Three pop-culture aficionados and trend-seekers set out on a thrilling trip!

We sent out a team of three to check out Sunshine City and see what characters they could find. Meet Julie, a pop culture lover and Japan-based influencer, plus two of our own editors: Taiwan native Jasmine, and US native Timothy. Which spots does Julie recommend? What were their experiences? Read on to find out!

First things first! Julie, who loves all things “kawaii”, has a store to recommend!

Enjoy Sanrio character-themed items at “SANRIO CAFE”

The SANRIO CAFE located on the Alpa B1 basement floor of Sunshine City is a new style of cafe where you can enjoy original recipes themed after Sanrio characters.

It has a café wagon for take-out and a dining area with 44 seats. You can even eat take-out orders inside the café.

Their best seller is the 100…

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