People who want to visit and enjoy shopping in Japan often hear this one particular sentence from friends and acquaintances: “But Japan is really expensive!”

There’s some truth to this, as particularly touristy areas in Japan – with Tokyo being the most famous example – can have somewhat inflated prices. That doesn’t mean that there’s no shopping bargain to be made if you know when to strike!

So, when is the best time to go shopping in Japan? Let’s look at all the secrets behind a successful Japanese shopping tour!

About sales in Japan

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Since Japan has four seasons, “sales (セール)” or “bargains (バーゲン)” are often held at the change of seasons.

The biggest sales in Japan are the winter and summer sales. Clothing colors and materials change according to the season, and to clear their inventory, shops will release products at discounts ahead of the next season.

The apparel industry also divides the year into two major periods, spring/summer and fall/winter, when new releases are made.

Also, since many Japanese companies pay bonuses in summer and winter, shops will aim to encourage people to do a lot of shopping while their pocketbooks are still warm.

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Summer sales focus on summer clothes, accessories, and appliances to cool off, plus items in flashy summer colors.

In winter, heavier clothes, winter-designed accessories, cold-weather appliances and goods go on sale. Clothing that was in fashion that season also tends to be highly discounted, as shops want to make room for the next year.

While Japan’s big bargains are in summer and winter, many stores also ride international trends, so you can expect to see a variety of sales throughout the year.

Main annual schedule for sales in Japan

April to Mid-MaySpring Sales in JapanLate June to Mid-AugustJapan SeriesNovember to Mid-DecemberAutumn Sales, Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas CoffretLate December to JanuaryWinter Sales

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Breakdown of seasonal sales in Japan

January: First sales of the year – and don’t miss out on the “Fukubukuro!”

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Winter sales peak from early to late January! Many department stores, fashion buildings, and clothing stores conducted their first sale of the year (called Hatsu-uri / 初売り) around January 2 and continued their winter sale until late January. Also, note that many shops are closed on January 1.

・What kinds of products are on sale?
The main feature of the year’s first sales is the Fukubukuro (福袋). The Fukubukuro (lucky bag) contains items that are several times the selling price of the bag. The bag’s contents are a mystery, but they include various items such as apparel, cosmetics, food, stationery, jewelry, and home appliances. There is a risk that items may not be …

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