Seibuen Amusement Park, located in Tokorozawa, Saitama, reopened after renovations in spring 2021. Brimming with the vibe of 1960s Japan, the park is packed with exciting attractions and experiences, including the mega-popular Godzilla ride.
For this article, the LIVE JAPAN team visited Seibuen to discover what there is to do, ride, eat, and buy!

Seibuen Amusement Park: The Spirit of 1960s Showa Japan

Seibuen Amusement Park is a retro theme park in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture. The closest station is Seibuen-Yuenchi Station on the Seibu Railway and Yamaguchi Line, making it easily accessible in one hour from major stations in Tokyo.
After getting off at the station, the entrance of Seibuen appeared before us. For this article, we sent LIVE JAPAN editors M and B.

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Seibuen Amusement Park was built on the concept of a world filled with warmth and happiness, and features buildings, attractions, shows, and gourmet foods that evoke the passion, vitality, and energy of the Showa period in the 1960s. As if testament to this, a retro train marks the main entrance.

The park attractions can be enjoyed with the "One-Day Leisure Ticket" or "Discount One-Day Leisure Pack." To dine and shop, you'll also need the park's special currency, called the "Seibuen Tsuka," which can be purchased within the park or beforehand.
The One-Day Leisure Ticket is 4,400 yen for adults and 3,300 yen for children. The Discount One-Day Leisure Pack is 9,500 yen for adults and 8,500 yen for children, and includes 5,400 yen worth of Seibuen Tsuka (= 450 seibuen), saving 300 yen for adults and 200 yen for children.

Sunset Hill Shopping Street: Food, Shopping, and Shows!

The first place you'll encounter is "Sunset Hill Shopping Street." This lively main street hosts several performances during the day, along with plenty to eat and buy.

Sunset Hill preserves the rustic charm of 1960s Showa Era Japan and has plenty of shops putting on funny and fascinating shows. Slowly making your way down the street and checking out what each has on offer is endless fun, and you’ll be able to snap loads of dynamic retro photos.

First, let's get ourselves a Seibuen Amusement Park map from the Kameyama News Agent.

The 8-page Sunset Hill Newspaper is designed to resemble a real newspaper from the period. In addition to the park map, the newspaper also has information about attractions, shows, food, and more, making it the first thing you should seek out after entering.

You can also buy the local Seibuen Tsuka currency at the Post Office.


Visitors can exchange 6…

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